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If you’re lucky enough to have a larger smart home with ample space for your own dedicated man cave, we’ve got a curated selection of the finest tech to deck it out with.

All this gear would work equally well in a bachelor pad. If you’re living alone, you can think of the whole condo as one extended man cave.

We’ll jump straight in! First, you'll want to get the party started with a first-class smart TV.

1) Supersized TV with Amazon's Fire TV Already Installed

For the purposes of a man cave, you might be working with more limited space. There’s also a chance your lair will be crammed with tech, which leaves you with little room. We’d suggest this superb Toshiba Ultra HD Smart LED 50-Inch TV with Fire TV as the perfect solution to your TV woes.

Perhaps the key selling point of this 4K Ultra HD set is the Fire TV experience that comes with it. This means you won't even have to think about a third-party streaming service since there are already tens of thousands of channels built in with Fire TV. From Netflix and HBO to Prime Video and Vue, you’ll never struggle to find something to watch.

And when you’re watching, you’ll be doing so in style. The 4K Ultra HD visuals boast 8 million pixels of show-stopping color in remarkable clarity and richness.

The bundled voice remote comes with Alexa so you can take the helm hands-free. You’ll also be able to control any other compatible smart devices with voice commands.

Inputs are robust with a trio of HDMI, RF antenna, composite video, USB and Ethernet connection.

Despite such a suite of smarts, the Toshiba is plug-and-play simplicity at its best. Plug it in, hook it up to your home WiFi network and you’re ready to roll.

2) Room-Filling Wireless Speaker

We’ve given smart speakers a swerve in your man cave since we presume most automated homes already have these in place.

Instead, why not treat yourself to the Sonos Play: 5 Wireless Speaker? These powerful speakers come individually or as a two-room set.

You can control this nimble wireless speaker using the lean Sonos app or with Apple AirPlay2. Build in an Echo device and you’ll be able to use Alexa for all your music playing needs.

The soundscape is as impressive as you’d expect from the mighty Sonos. You’ll benefit from no less than 3 woofers so the low end will be thumping. Don’t worry about any nasty echo or reverb when you’ve got the volume cranked up and bassline pulsing, though. Thanks to the completely sealed architecture, you’ll get raw power without muddiness or distortion.

While you’ll enjoy wireless functionality, you can hook the Sonos up to a turntable or phone using the jack provided. This is a bonus if you’re a vinyl enthusiast and your man cave is packed with your favorite classic 12-inches. Cut out the need for a bulky stereo system and enjoy playback to do justice to your wax.

Invest in a couple of these speakers to get stunning stereo sound. Alternatively, position a single Sonos horizontally for the same effect.

We won’t pretend the Sonos Play: 5 are cheap, but you certainly won’t regret the investment when music is thundering undistorted throughout your man cave.

3) Seamless Remote Control

When you’ve got a clutch of smart entertainment devices and appliances, you’ll need something to control them with.

The OG of this segment, the line-topping Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control is the most advanced controller from the remote specialist.

Looking much like an early 2000s cell phone, but with a full-color screen, swipe and tap navigation is responsive, but control isn’t limited to physical gestures. Throw in a smart speaker – assuming you already have one – and take control hands-free.

You’ll be able to take command of your TV and all your entertainment tech, but compatibility is broad. You can also use the Elite to direct your Philips Hue smart lights and a range of other connected devices. And when we say compatibility rocks, we’re talking about over a quarter-million devices. It’s more a case of finding what the Logitech won’t control than what it will.

You might be wondering why you need a remote control at all if you can simply use your smartphone for this purpose. We hear you, but there’s something preferable about a single device and you can leave your phone set aside when it’s time to put your feet up. The man cave of all places is somewhere that should be cellphone-free.

4) Virtual Reality In The Man Cave

Virtual reality and augmented reality tech come with an inbuilt problem: they're bulky and off-putting to get started with.

Why not consider the Oculus Quest All-In-One VR Gaming Headset to take your gaming to the next level in one integrated package?

Unlike much VR gear, set-up really couldn’t be easier. Fire up the Oculus mobile app and power up Quest to get going right out the box. All you’ll need is an iPhone (iOS 10 or above) or an Android device running 6.0 Marshmallow or higher along with your home WiFi and an Oculus account.

Then, it’s time to start exploring the wonders of virtual reality.

Insight tracking means Oculus can reflect your movements while sidestepping the need for any third-party accessories.

Touch controllers replicate your hands and add a tactile layer to every game you play. You’ll get a pair of these thrown in with the all-in-one headset.

What if you want something cut out for gaming when your friends are over or when you want to spend time with your kids?

5) Gaming Chair To Kick Back In

If you’ve got your PlayStation or X-Box set up and a jumbo smart TV to watch it on, a gaming chair is a smart add-on.

With no shortage of these chairs in an array of styles, it can be tough to find one that’s actually worth the money. The Ace Bayou X Rocker Pedestal Gaming Chair hits the spot on all counts, but what makes it so good?

Firstly – and crucially in a man cave – it looks the part. While a low-slung floor-based chair might be great for your kids, you probably want something more classic in appearance. The Bayou X is a pedestal design looking like a slimmed-down La-Z-Boy.

If you haven’t had chance to build out the audio in your man cave, the speakers and subwoofer on board will make that driving game sing. Hear the exhaust note firing as you race around the track with full wireless sound transmission.

You can take control from a cluster of buttons on the side panel so you’ve got everything you need within reach while retaining a clean aesthetic.

Finished in a hard-wearing synthetic fabric, clean-up is a breeze. You’ll also get all the back support you need for extended console sessions, so what are you waiting for?

6) The Ultimate Wireless Headphones with Alexa

The man cave serves many functions and sometimes you might just want some solitude and the chance to block out all distractions.

Bluetooth earphones often disappoint. Sure, you get cord-free convenience, but charging can be an issue. There’s also the question of routinely underwhelming audio, so what do you do?

Well, treat yourself with the classic Bose QuietComfort 35 II Alexa-Enabled Wireless Headphones and you’ve got the answer.

Triple-tiered noise cancellation lets you retreat into your own little world and listen to your favorite playlist without any outside intrusion.

You can take control using the robust Bose app. This also comes with Bose AR-enabled, giving you a taste of augmented reality. You’ll need companion Bose AR apps to take advantage of this and functionality varies. This is currently limited to iOS devices, but Android variants are deep in development.

Alexa comes onboard, too. In a word of disappointing headphones, Bose has really upped the ante once again with this smart iteration of an enduring classic. Finished in either silver, murdered-out black or rose gold, they look as great as they sound.

And on that note, it goes unsaid you’ll get the impeccable audio you’d expect from Bose.

7) Make Your Drinks The Smart Way

If you’re entertaining in the man cave, but you can’t mix a drink to save your life, this Wireless Cocktail Maker with Bluetooth functionality will save the day and make a statement at the same time.

The responsive digital scale means you won’t need to start tediously measuring. Instead, look like a flair bartender casually pouring from the hip.

The app gives you a choice of hundreds of recipes to get your creative juices flowing so all you’ll need to do is add the alcohol.

If you’re making up batches of drinks for guests with varying tastes, you can seamlessly fine-tune the serving size to suit.

Along with the stand and scale, you’ll get a sleek stainless steel shaker thrown in.

We have the hard liquor taken care of, but what about the beers?

8) Smart Coffee Table with Integrated Beer Fridge

While something like a Marshall fridge is an iconic conversation piece, it’s not very smart, so we’ve got something special for you…

This PRIMST Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table looks on the surface like a pared-down coffee table ideal for a modernist man cave.

Dig deeper, though, and you’ll uncover space for 164 cans. A pair of chilled drawers keep your snacks and beverages separated with enough room to supply a movie marathon.

If you’ve got friends over in the man cave, the table also serves as a charging station. With everything consolidated into one area, you can kiss goodbye to scurrying around for chargers and tripping over cables.

Integrated Bluetooth speakers are another hidden surprise if you haven’t gone to town with wireless speakers yet.

Smart touch controls sit on the tabletop which is made from tempered glass so it’s rugged and stain-resistant. The last thing you need in the man cave is worrying about unsightly rings appearing on your tabletop.

For an above average beer fridge, we can’t recommend this strongly enough.

9) A Robot For Entertainment and Control

There’s no escaping the fact that robots will soon penetrate our homes. LG’s CLOi range is slowly moving from concept to reality. Helper robots are already deployed in South Korea’s airports and hospitality industry.

We’ve got something a bit more light-hearted for the man cave in the form of the Vector Robot by Anki.

The Vector Robot is an AI-powered helper robot that has Alexa in place for smart home control. This comes already installed, so you won’t even need a smart speaker if you prefer your man cave uncluttered. While you won’t be able to induce Alexa to stream your music, you can connect Vector to a wireless speaker and your kids can watch his dance moves.

Navigation is surprisingly nimble with Vector picking his way around the room and avoiding obstacles with ease.

Vector reacts to sights, sounds, and touch, so you’ll get a taste of the future today at a very reasonable price point. Take your man cave catapulting into 2020 in style.

10) Keep Your Valuables Safe and Sound

With all your tech nicely slotted in, how about something to keep those personal possessions safe and sound?

The Viking Biometric Security Safe is a nice twist on the tried-and-true lockbox, giving you a rock-solid safe packing fingerprint recognition.

Measuring up at 20 x 14 x 12 inches, you’ll get ample storage space for all your valuables. The inside of the safe is carpeted and you’ll get some LEDs, so you won’t be fumbling in the dark. Shelving helps you keep things organized, too.

Pry-resistant and with an incredibly secure locking system, you can pop your guns, cash or any sensitive documents inside with complete confidence.

Final Word

Well, we hope you're inspired to deck out your own little haven within your connected home.

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