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The Internet of Things is changing the landscape of health and medicine with some truly exciting developments taking place, including the emerging of smart health and medical devices.

Today, we’re not focusing on the possibility of remote surgery or delving into robotics, though. Instead, we have seven of the best health and medical devices suitable for home use.

Whether you’re in the prime of life looking to monitor fitness levels or you’re caring for an elderly relative, we have something for everyone today.

Today, we have a mixed bag of smart gear for health purposes, so we’ll get right down to business.

Seven of The Best Smart Health and Medical Devices

1) Fitbit Flex2 Fitness Tracker

Simple wearable fitness trackers are a superb way to monitor health and fitness levels without spending a fortune. Fitbit is an industry leader and the original Flex tracker is now retooled and still super-slimline.

Functionality is basic, but you can explore the broad, deep Fitbit lineup if you want more bells and whistles. We opted to highlight the Flex2 since it’s so subtle and so inexpensive for a smart health device.

SmartTrack picks up on workouts seamlessly and records them in-app. As you’d expect, the app itself is intuitive and extremely user-friendly. You’ll be able to monitor key metrics from steps, distance, calories burned and minutes you’ve been on the go.

Tracking also extends to sleep quality. This is handy whether you’re suffering from insomnia or sleep apnea. By arming yourself with accurate data, you can more effectively seek solutions with your healthcare provider. A silent alarm can rouse you in the mornings, operating through vibration alone.

You can receive notifications on your wrist with the option of personalizing vibrate alerts and color-coded LEDs to suit.

Waterproof, you can wear your sleek tracker swimming stress-free and you can even hide it in pendants or bracelets since its so thin and contact.

As a limited but highly effective tool for monitoring important data, this entry-level Fitbit is still a worthwhile purchase in 2019. One size fits all and you’ll be delighted you invested in this smart health device.

2) Apple Watch Series 4 Smartwatch

Things have advanced considerably for the humble smartwatch. Once they were little more than glorified timepieces and step trackers, but now they’re becoming bona fide healthcare tools.

The basic premise of Apple Watch is simple: you can perform a range of tasks you’d normally carry out on your smartphone, from messaging and calling to receiving notifications. You’ll also reap a number of health and fitness benefits you would associate with a fitness tracker.

With Apple’s Heart Study app launched back in 2017, you can now monitor your heart rhythm and get alerts if there are any irregularities at all. Electrical and optical sensors give you an ECG on your wrist. Along with receiving alerts when you have an abnormally high or low heart rate, you’ll also enjoy fall detection and emergency SOS. While Apple Watch might be more popular with the younger demographic, it’s a valid medical aid for the elderly, too. Why not treat your grandparents to a slice of Apple? You’ll rest easier knowing they’re fully protected if they take a tumble.

Fitness tracking functionality is robust. From head-to-head competitions and sharing capability, you can motivate yourself further by training with friends. Challenges and coaching, along with achievement rewards, gamify your fitness program and push you out of your comfort zone.

You’ll get all of the seamless comms you’d expect from Apple with phone calls, messaging and even a walkie talkie function. You’ll also be able to embrace Siri shortcuts to access all your favorite apps from your wrist without reaching for your iPhone.

If you’re looking for a tech-driven way to keep track of your fitness goals and medical benefits right from your wrist, Apple Watch 4 is the smart health device to go with!

3) Digital Peak Flow Meter for Asthma

Do you have asthma? Perhaps someone in your family suffers from a COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) like bronchitis or emphysema?

If so, you can use this powerful digital device to measure both PEF (peak expiratory flow) and FEV1 (forced expiratory volume) in a burst of one second to an outstanding level of accuracy. If you’re suffering from any of these health issues, staying aware of these key metrics is vital.

Full 120 readings are stored on the smart health device, allowing you to monitor your progress and access historic data. A color-coded system shows you when your lungs are operating at 80% of your target capacity (green), 50% (yellow) and when you enter the red zone, you know it’s time to take action.

Easy to use and equally easy to clean and maintain, this peak flow meter works well for adults and children alike.

Unlike many smart medical devices, this flow meter was manufactured in an FDA-approved facility and is registered with the FDA, too.

If you’re living with a lung condition and sick of the inaccuracies that blight manual meters, this smart health device is the obvious solution. Take all the sting out of monitoring your condition and give yourself a chance to take prompt action any time your lung capacity dips to dangerously low levels.

4) Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

If you need to routinely monitor your blood pressure, you’re probably disinclined to use one of those bulky manual cuffs. Not only is accuracy questionable, the devices are hardly portable.

With the Omron 7 Series, you’ll get a smart wearable that gives you highly precise readings. The unit is perfect for use when you’re traveling, or anywhere you need to check your BP without drawing attention to yourself.

The past 100 readings are stored onboard and the monitor calculates your average over the past three readings. This means you’ll be able to chart progress and see any spikes or troughs at a glance.

The Heart Guidance Zone feature illuminates when your wrist is at the correct level to ensure the utmost precision. There’s even an irregular heartbeat indicator alerting you to any abnormalities.

As with all blood pressure monitoring devices, you should be aware that multiple variables, such as stress levels, time of day, caffeine consumption, and recent activity can impact readings. This is where the averaging function comes in especially handy.

All readings are displayed in large numerals on a backlit screen, so you’ll have no problem even if your eyesight isn't the best.

One size fits all, you’ll get a free carrying case bundled and set up couldn’t be easier with just a pair of AAA batteries required. The only thing you’ll need to dig deeper for is an AC adapter.

If you step things up to the line-topping wireless model, you’ll enjoy Bluetooth functionality, along with the ability to use Alexa into the bargain. This smart health device makes a great choice!

5) Hylotele Intelligent Snore Stopper

Next up, we have a cheap, yet highly effective method of combating snoring. Whether you constantly disturb your partner, or you’re the victim of sleepless nights due to your partner snoring, you don’t need to suffer in silence.

Despite its low price-point and stripped-down design, this band packs a highly intelligent biosensor that picks up on snoring. While snoring is annoying, it can also be an indicator of sleep apnea. The sensor picks up on snoring and then gently, but effectively stimulates the nerves in your wrist. This harnesses the way the body naturally fights back while also encouraging you not to snore.

Although simple in principle, this smart device can work wonders for enhancing your sleep quality without forcing you to wear an uncomfortable device. The wristband is slimline and doesn’t feel at all intrusive.

As a power-saving measure, the smart health device will automatically shut off after 8 hours. This is the optimum amount of sleep you should be angling for. You will wake up at the end of your sleep cycle feeling refreshed from 8 hours of snore-free slumber.

This could be the perfect gift that keeps on giving: both the recipient and the bedmate can look forward to more and better sleep without recourse to any devices with potential side effects.

6) MedSmart Plus Automatic Pill Dispenser

Do you have an elderly relative who needs to take any form of medication on a regular basis? If so and they don’t live with you, can you be certain they’ll remember to take the pills vital to their continued wellbeing?

Well, you can cast those concerns aside with the MedSmart Plus smart dispenser. We’ll state right off the bat that this device isn’t cheap. That said, you can buy in lower down the range at a more affordable price-point. You need to consider a smart health device like this as an investment and ongoing peace of mind rather than an expense, though. If you can afford it, what do you get for your money?

Firstly, you’ll get no monthly fees or ongoing running costs, so your expenses end at the point of purchase.

The display features all relevant patient information. This device is equally suitable for use at home or in a hospital setting. Indeed, this device has been successfully used in clinical studies to streamline the medication process.

With both AC power and onboard battery backup, you won’t need to worry about the device letting your loved one down when it counts, either.

The alarm is piercing and doesn’t relent until the next dose is taken. You’ll also get a flashing light which is ideal for anyone with hearing problems.

Nominate yourself as a caregiver and you’ll get remote notifications pinged to your device by SMS or email if medication has still not been taken after 60 minutes of the alarm ringing. This builds in a nice layer of safety if your relative is simply in the bathroom or otherwise occupied, but keeps you in the loop if they’re not taking their meds. You can arrange for up to six of these alerts daily.

The pillbox locks automatically so it is ideal for preventing anyone from taking more than the intended dosage. Each of the pill trays is good for 20 standard-sized tablets.

You’ll even get lifetime monitoring thrown in, making this smart medication management system one of the most effective investments you could make for a vulnerable elderly relative. What price can you put on health and peace of mind?

7) Smart Caregiver Wireless Monitor and Motion Sensor

Last up in our collection of smart health and medical devices is another intended for use with seniors. As technology continues to advance, more and more elderly people can remain at home where they want to be without risking their health or safety.

This wireless monitoring system is invaluable if you have a frail relative particularly prone to falling. If that’s the case, you’ll know only too well the worry this can create for you and the danger it places your loved one in.

You’ll get a base station and motion sensor with this kit, so you can stay remotely informed if your parents or grandparents take a tumble when standing up or getting out of bed. You’ll get flexible mounting options, so you can also stay alert when your relative leaves a room.

While monitoring devices often get a bad rap for their intrusiveness, this is the perfect example of technology used positively.

The modular system also gives you great leeway to expand with the ability to build out up to a half-dozen wireless components. This is great news if your loved one lives in a larger home they refuse to leave and you want to ensure they’re safe around the clock.

And, when you see the price of this monitoring system, you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy one years back and save yourself all that needless worry!

Final Word

We hope one of the smart health and medical devices above piques your interest. Whether you need help to stop snoring or you want to keep an elderly loved one safe, connected devices are about far more than entertainment in 2019.

Let us know if you have any devices we haven’t covered today and tell us how they’ve changed your life. Don’t forget to bookmark our blog for a daily low-down on the latest smart home news.

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