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If you are a homeowner, then you understand the desire to continuously improve your home. Since the kitchen is a place we tend to spend most of our time gathering and hanging with our loved ones, it makes sense to start there. Smart kitchen appliances are emerging. From having a nice hot cup of coffee ready on a cold winter morning, If you’ve spent as much time as us in the kitchen over the holiday period, perhaps you were wondering how kitchens, in general, remain so cord-dependent as the rest of your house keeps getting smarter. Well, kitchen tech has been advancing rapidly, perhaps without you being aware of it. Today, we’re here to show you how you can inject a healthy dose of smarts into your kitchen.

Grocery Shopping Right From Your Kitchen

Amazon Dash Buttons

Amazon Dash Buttons are virtual buttons that are accessible from your smartphone, laptop, Echo Show or Samsung Family Hub. You personalize your buttons to products that you order frequently or that you need on a regular basis. These buttons link to your Amazon account, meaning they already have your shipping and billing information. That way, when you're ready to order, you simply touch a button and it's on the way. Your smart kitchen will be a step above the rest with the Dash buttons.

Amazon Dash Wand

The Amazon Dash Wand allows you to scan all the items you want to order, adds them to a list, and automatically orders them from Amazon Fresh. Before you purchase this, make sure Amazon Fresh is available in your city. If it's not, you will be better off using the Dash buttons. Either way, your kitchen will be one step closer to a smart kitchen and grocery shopping will no longer be a hassle.

Cooking Made Easy With Echo Show

Do you follow recipes often? We're guessing it goes along the lines of this: You have a recipe pulled up on your phone. You begin collecting your ingredients but have to keep unlocking your phone because the screen goes black after some time. Then, you start cooking, stirring, and getting your hands dirty, but the screen keeps going black. Except your hands are dirty, now your phone is dirty, and now you're frustrated. This is where having a smart kitchen with an Echo Show comes in handy. The Amazon Echo Show is a smart display that doubles as a speaker and voice assistant. With this device, you can have your recipes right in front of you, without having to worry about it getting smudged or going black. If you need recipe conversions, just ask Alexa and she'll announce your conversion immediately after asking. You can also use the Echo Show as a timer. If you have food in the oven, but don't have empty hands to set a timer, all you have to say is, "Alexa, set a timer for thirty minutes." Since it is conveniently placed in your smart kitchen, you can use the Echo Show to organize your grocery list or keep track of things you need to pick up during your next grocery run.

Make Coffee Without Leaving Bed

A smart coffee maker is a luxury you don't think you need, but once you have it, it's hard to live without. The Smarter WiFi 12-Cup Coffee Maker will make the perfect addition to your smart kitchen and will keep you caffeinated with a simple voice command or through an app. This smart coffee maker offers a rock-solid coffee machine capable of delivering bean-to-cup drinks thanks to an onboard grinder. The differentiating factor with this coffee maker, though, is not the way it makes your coffee. The market has tons of great machines, many notably cheaper. Where Smarter excels, as the name suggests, is giving you remote control of your machine from your smartphone, something that makes it stand out. As a bonus, you can even reorder your favorite supplies using the Smarter app. You can fully automate your gourmet coffee experience at home while setting yourself an alarm in-app, so you'll wake to a piping hot pot of coffee. As with any robust smart device, you can use both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant while also creating IFTTT applets for full interoperability with other devices in your connected home.

Smart Utensils

Smart Fork

If none of these products have interested you so far, maybe a bluetooth fork will do the trick! HAPIFork Bluetooth Fork is now helping consumers all over the world to keep tabs on their eating habits, and to use this data to improve the way they eat. All you need to do is pair this smart utensil with your phone or tablet using Bluetooth and you’ll get feedback on whether or not you’re eating too quickly. Visual and vibrating real-time indicators help you to slow down if you’re gutting back your meal. The reason for eating slowly is sound: since it takes perhaps 15 or 20 minutes to feel full, if you eat quickly, you’ll be far more likely to take more calories on board than you need. Dial things back and you can do your waistline a favor without needing to alter what you eat or spend hours in the gym. HAPIFork can help you achieve this for the price of a restaurant meal. Alongside real-time prompts, data is uploaded to so you can enjoy more detailed analysis and even coaching if you feel the need.


Are you following a Keto diet where you need to constantly calculate your macros? Maybe you’re opting for a regular calorie-controlled eating plan, and you’re tired of all that messing around with pen and paper? SmartPlate TopView is marketed as an Intelligent Wellbeing Platform, but what does that mean? Well, with photo recognition and advanced AI, this nifty little smart plate using WiFi or Bluetooth to identify, analyze and measure out what you plan to eat so you can get calorie count and portion control is taken care of with your own virtual kitchen assistant. The app syncs with both Fitbit and MyFitnessPal so you can keep a close track on what you’re eating. You’ll also get plenty of recommendations to help you improve your diet by eating better foods. As well as stats on weight management and portion control, you can also see metrics like blood glucose, carbs, hydration levels, and overall strength. If your current eating plan needs a little smartening up, why not consider this new approach with SmartPlate TopView?

Smart Thermometer

If you’d rather spend more time catching up with guests and less time constantly monitoring the progress of your gas grill, oven or rotisserie, you might be in the market for the world’s first completely wireless smart thermometer. With the MEATER True Wireless Smart Thermometer, you’ll be able to keep an eye on proceedings in-app on your Android or iOS smartphone and tablet. A pair of sensors will alert you to the internal temperature of your meat, along with the ambient temperature. Guided cooking is a wonderful touch and, if you’re highly proficient in the kitchen already, you can fine-tune alerts to fully personalize your cooking experience. Use Bluetooth or WiFi to optimize range so you can relax while staying within reach of your cooker. In the true spirit of smart homes, you can even ask Alexa when your meat will be done. So why not treat yourself and spend less time stuck in the kitchen?

Smart Trash Can

The GeniCan has slots directly on the trashcan so you can scan the barcodes on all packaging as you throw it away. This will then be automatically added to your shopping list through the GeniCan app. What about things with no barcode? GeniCan has that covered, too. Just scan your hand instead of packaging, and you’ll be prompted to tell this intelligent device what you’d like added to your shopping list. As an extra kicker, you’ll even get alerts pinged to you when the trashcan is full. That means there’s no excuse for overflowing garbage.

Final Word

The best part about creating a smart kitchen is that it doesn’t have to happen overnight. You can slowly continue to buy smart products and appliances that will add to your smart kitchen. We hope we were able to provide you with some great ideas for smart kitchen appliances that will make everyday draining tasks simpler. For more Smarthome reviews and information-packed guides, check out our home automation blog on a regular basis.

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