man debating if he should out a smart thermostat in every room

Wondering should I have a thermostat in every room? Wow, that must be expensive. If you've been wondering whether you need a thermostat in every room of your connected home, the quick answer is, “No!”

That said, you might find many regular smart thermostats sell you short, so it pays to take your time before blundering in.

If you want to avoid those nasty cold spots and to take charge of climate control in individual rooms the easy way, we’ve got a trio of great models for you. Two of these thermostats work with sensors meaning you won’t need to place a thermostat in every room. The other comes priced so reasonably that you could feasibly install multiple thermostats to control different rooms separately.

The first of these units enabled for multi-room use comes from the mighty ecobee…

ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat

One of ecobee4’s many selling points is the multi-zone control this smart thermostat affords.

You’ll get a sensor thrown in, and the thermostat supports up to 32 of these sensors, which you can buy in affordable 2-packs. Do this, and you'll be able to tweak the temperature to your exact liking throughout the whole house.

With sensors in place, ecobee can detect occupancy so you won't heat empty rooms anymore.

Alexa Voice Service comes baked in. Imagine hands-free climate control without needing a third-party smart speaker. The embedded mics and far-field recognition ensure Alexa can hear your commands at a distance.

Compatibility is broad and includes Google Assistant as well as Alexa. ecobee4 is also HomeKit-enabled, and you’ll get support for SmartThings and IFTTT.

As an added kicker, you can reduce energy consumption if you invest in ecobee4. We would suggest the manufacturer’s claimed 23% savings on your electricity bill are ambitious. More realistically, you can hope to shave perhaps 10% off your utilities, so it's still a worthwhile saving.

Note that ecobee4 is hardwired. While this means you won’t be reliant on the vagaries of battery power, you might need to budget extra for installation.

You could also opt for the all-new fifth-generation ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control. The equivalent of ecobee5, but the manufacturer has changed naming conventions.

Hive Heating and Cooling Smart Thermostat Pack

Another smart thermostat offering up multi-zone control comes from Hive. This heating and cooling pack bundles the Hive hub you’ll need for remote access along with the minimalist thermostat itself.

You can control your heating or cooling from your phone using the lean Hive app. If you add in an Echo device, you'll also make use of Alexa.

This thermostat is designed to work with most HVAC systems. If you want multi-zone functionality, you'll need to buy separate thermostats. Once the hub is in place, this is not as costly as it might sound, so it' definitely a workable solution if you're looking for whole-house control.

Setting schedules and routines is a cinch, and you'll have soon offloaded all the tedious elements of climate control.

With the hub as the foundation, you can build out an impressive ecosystem of Hive tech. Beyond the ecosystem, you'll get excellent compatibility with most of the major smart home players.

You should note that you will need a C-wire in place for the Hive thermostat. Make sure you have this in place before committing to purchase.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Google Nest Learning Thermostat remains an excellent option for smart climate control. If you want to regulate the temperature in multiple rooms, you’ll need to get a sensor or two.

Now into its third iteration and rebranded Google Nest, Learning Thermostat will auto-schedule based on learning your habits and preferences.

You can control this thermostat hands-free with either Google Assistant or Alexa. All you’ll need is a smart speaker or smart display to make this a reality.

The lean and stripped-down aesthetic gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. The retooled display lets you see the temperature clearly from across the room. You’ll spot a green Nest leaf if you’re running at an energy-saving level.

Not only will you make savings on your electricity bill, but you might also even qualify for a rebate. SoCalGas and Southern California Edison both offer up to $125 discount if you sign up for Google Nest's Rush Hour Rewards scheme. This scheme is designed to help reduce peak hour energy use, so check out whether you qualify. If so, the rebate brings the thermostat in at half-price!

Final Word

Hopefully, you've now got a cost-effective solution at your fingertips to regulate the temperature in different rooms without always needing separate thermostats.


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