Stay In Shape and Get Connected with Smart Fitness

Not surprising, the fitness sector has all sorts of smart home devices and gadgets. Today, we are excited to talk about the evolving smart fitness products!

With lifestyles getting ever more hectic, finding time to the gym can be a problem.

We'll assume if you're a smart homeowner and a workout fanatic, there's a strong chance you'll have made space for a gym in your connected home.

Today, we'll walk you through a selection of 10 impressive pieces of smart fitness gear so you can make sure that home gym falls in line with the rest of your tech-driven home.

So read on if you want to avoid racks of dumb weights and clunky old machinery. Instead, usher in the coming decade with kit fit for 2020, not 1920!

1) Smarten Up a Dumb Hunk of Iron

Most dumbbells are the opposite of smart tech. Large chunks of metal, the clue is in the name!

Fitness legends Bowflex have reworked the gym staple for the smart home, though.

Bluetooth connectivity and two responsive apps help you eliminate much of the guesswork from your strength training and keep you on track to hit your fitness goals. How do these dumbbells work then?

First thing's first, this set is a real space-saver. Bowflex claims the 560s take the place of up to 30 dumbbells, perfect if you’ve got limited space in your home gym. All you need to do is turn the dial with each of the dumbbells adjusting from 10 pounds through 60 pounds. Once selected a precise locking mechanism allows you to work out vigorously but safely.

These dumbbells harness Bluetooth to sync with a pair of Bowflex apps on your smartphone.

With the SelectTech app, you can work out along with a selection of suggested routines. You’ll also be able to customize these programs to suit and chart your progress.

The Three Dimensional Trainer app is excellent for keeping track of reps and sets along with the weight you’re lifting. Video coaching is taken up a notch with advanced guided workouts.

How to complete a winning formula? The soft but rugged molding lets you work out quietly in the morning without disturbing your family with clattering weights in and out of a rack.

Free weights are one of the most effective ways to mix up your training and challenge your body so smarten things up with these Bowflex.

2) The Ultimate Interactive Home Gym

A regular mirror for your home gym is about as far from a smart device as you could get.

The Mirror, on the other hand, is a full-length mirror packing a camera and speakers with full Bluetooth connectivity. So, you can check your form is perfect as you work through your sets but with so much more on offer.

Whether you want to compete against yourself, train with friends or take real-time training classes with expert instructors, workouts just got much more entertaining. You've got a fully interactive gym experience without needing to leave your smart home.

A Bluetooth heart rate monitor comes bundled with the Mirror. This device also works well with Apple Watch. The manufacturer has developed a proprietary algorithm so you can hit your target heart rate zone, maintain it then allow adequate recovery time for a fully optimized training routine. A points system injects that all-important layer of competition.

With the pro classes, you can follow along as the mirror acts as a full-sized screen. You’ll even get personal shout-outs from the trainers to keep you motivated.

If a friend also invests in a Mirror, you can work out together ramping up the competition further still.

We hear more and more about smart mirrors, but they're usually the preserve of the bedroom and help you with outfit selection. The Mirror, on the other hand, is an outstanding addition to a smart home gym if you've got a fluid budget and high standards. You’ll need to factor in a $39 monthly subscription.

3) Smart Running Watch with Contactless Payments

The smartwatch space is maturing nicely with a vast array of choice. You've got Apple Watch and Fitbit continuing to mop up a considerable chunk of market share, but we've opted for the Garmin Forerunner for our collection of smart fitness tech.

There are a standard version and one that comes equipped with music. We rolled with the latter. There's enough space for 500 songs to make sure your workouts are power-charged with your favorite tunes. Use Bluetooth headphones (not included), and you won't need your phone or MP3 player weighing you down.

Music-wise, you can also take advantage of downloading from different streaming services and allows you to listen even if you're not online.

When you’re ready to ask Alexa Echo to power down your connected home so you can head out on your morning run, Forerunner comes into its own. Fire up your music, and you'll get all the running metrics you need. From ground contact time and stride length through more complex data like vertical ratio, you can see all you need at a glance.

The wrist-based heart rate monitor allows you to monitor performance and keep on target with your training goals.

An inbuilt bonus with Garmin Forerunner is the ability to make contactless payments, so you don't need to be burdened by cash or cards when you're out on the trail.

Sure, you can get cheaper smartwatches. You'll struggle, though, to find one that looks better and performs more strongly.

4) Smart Exercise Bike with Tablet

Exercise bikes are highly effective training tools. They can be pretty dull, though. They also don’t tend to be particularly intelligent.

The Peloton bike is, in the words of the manufacturer, “A private indoor cycling studio in your home.”

Does this mean machine live up to the hype or is it just marketing speak?

Cycling alone can be very dull if you need constant stimulation and listening to music alone doesn’t cut it for you. Investing in the Peloton and the monthly subscription gives you direct access to 14 daily classes around the clock. You can take advantage of more than 5000 programmed workouts if you're stuck for inspiration.

The bike itself is everything you’d expect from Peloton. A carbon frame can pair with a whisper-quiet belt drive. Pound those pedals without kicking up the racket you'd typically expect from an exercise bike. Let your family sleep as you get in shape! If you're a real bike fiend, you can customize many of the settings to get exactly the configuration that suits.

Membership of the Peloton Digital app runs you just under twenty bucks a month that you can cancel at any time and gives you access to up to 20 daily studio classes so decide if this makes sense for you.

From the impeccably designed carbon bike to the responsive tablet, the Peloton bike takes the ethos of the connected home into your gym in the most elegant style.

5) An Intelligent Personal Trainer at Home

Crowd-funded products of the recent past are darling of the smart house in 2019. Check out this Pinterest board to see a selection of IoT devices on Kickstarter and similar platforms.

If you want a personal trainer based on machine-learning, the Tonal Intelligent System can help you strengthen your whole body without leaving your connected home.

The compact but hard-hitting system is wall-mounted just like that 65-inch smart TV in your home theater. This space-saving touch allows you to slot Tonal into your home gym even if you’re pinched for the room.

The electromagnetic resistance engine and a pair of adjustable arms combine to simulate weight while keeping everything perfectly balanced. Where in a regular gym, gravity pulls back on you, hammer away at some curls with Tonal and the algorithm creates an electromagnetic field. We don’t often use the term bleeding-edge, but this fitness system fully deserves that oft-misused label.

As with many smart fitness products, if you want the personal trainer, you'll need to dig deeper and rustle up $49 a month. That would barely get you an hour with a face-to-face trainer worth their salt so, while not cheap, it's still a substantial value.

You kick off with Tonal establishing the baseline strength of your core along with upper and lower body after a 10-minute test. From this point, machine learning kicks in based on your determined strength levels to ensure all workouts are in line with your body.

This fitness system is indeed not cheap but compared to the cost of an annual gym membership or a personal trainer visiting your home; it represents a sound investment.

6) Smart Jump Rope

If you appreciate the enormous cardio benefits of a lively session of jumping rope, you might want something a little more advanced than a simple string.

The TANGRAM Rope syncs neatly with your smartphone using the slick Smart Gym app through Bluetooth. This app is available on iOS, Android, and Apple Watch.

The memory is substantial enough to store data from 100 sessions. The experience is gamified with a points system and the ability to challenge your friends.

Sleek transparent handles are made from polycarbonate. They pack magnetic sensors and all the internal smarts you need for a new workout in a traditional form. These handles are nicely weighted while the rope is completely adjustable.

Two hours of charging translates to a full 45 minutes of skipping so you shouldn't let down mid-flow.


Fire up that Rocky training theme and hit that rope smart-style!

7) Smart Trainer for Your Fitness Bike

Up next is something for the bike lover looking to train indoors when the weather is too harsh to hit the road.

The Elite Direto 2 Interactive Trainer with Riser Block allows you to use your bike while benefiting from data-driven training harnessing the best technology has to offer. A 12-point analysis system feeds back information on your power output throughout the complete pedaling cycle. You will need to purchase this My E-Training software separately, though.

The direct transmission slashes wear and tear on your expensive tires while limiting slippage even if you're furiously sprinting to the finish.

With an optical torque sensor, you can replicate climbing inclines as steep as 14% while the power meter is remarkably precise.

Measuring up at just 9 x 9 x 9 inches and weighing a fraction over 43 pounds, this ultra-compact unit won’t take up much space. It comes with foldable feet and a handle to streamline storage and transportation.

If you can't get enough of cycling, but you're a fair-weather performer, consider adding this nifty device to your smart home gym.

8) Compact Gym Kit Ideal For Travelers

Maybe you live in a small apartment, or you're often traveling and need a compact gym kit with a twist?

If so, Move It is a smart gym with a tiny footprint but packing a serious punch. Reaching over 300% of its target on crowd-funding platform Indiegogo back in 2016, Move It is now on sale.

You'll only need a 3 x 3-meter space, and you can employ over 40 various movements to get a superb cardio and muscle workout at home or in your hotel room.

Like a pair of ice hockey pucks with handles, these handles have sensors hooking you up to a proprietary platform through the Move It app. You’ll get trainer programs along with feedback. You can also share data with friends and family or any new workout partners you meet along your Move It journey.

Along with the push-up handles, you’ll also get an ab wheel, jump rope, and resistance band.

For a fully connected workout in the most restricted spaces, Move It right now and invest in yourself, the most precious investment of all.

9) Hit The Smart Fitness Treadmill

Treadmills are notoriously tedious. The Life Fitness 95T Elevation Series is a commercial grade unit that would also work admirably in a smart home gym.

A supersized 15-inch console has a responsive touch screen. You’ll get all the entertainment you need to jazz up your run from TV and Apple music through to FM radio. You’ll also get landscape perspectives to stimulate you when you’re pounding that treadmill hard.

USB connectivity hooks you up to the LFConnect website. You’ll be able to build out challenging workouts then chart your progress to stay motivated.

The deck is cushioned so you'll get none of the harsh jarring that makes pounding the pavement ill-advised. A stride sensor cuts the power when you step off. The belt system comes infused with lubricant for a quiet experience despite the powerful 4HP motor. The controls you need most are all within easy reach, and overall design is commendable.

For a more entertaining take on the most tedious of workout tools, this smart treadmill is expensive but worth every cent.

10) Track Your Fitness Goals with Smart Scales

Maybe you've already got some smart scales in your bathroom. If not, you're spoiled for choice, but we'd strongly recommend the REDOVER Bluetooth Body Fat Scale for training purposes.

You’ll be able to reap the benefit of 13 key metrics:

  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
  • Body Fat
  • Body Water
  • Bone Mass
  • Fat-Free Body Weight
  • Metabolic Age
  • Muscle Mass
  • Protein
  • Skeletal Muscle
  • Subcutaneous Fat
  • Visceral Fat
  • Weight

We've listed these out in full so you can see the full scope at your fingertips. Whatever your goals, from weight loss to packing on lean muscle, you’ll have the ideal smart companion to guide your way with this scale.

You can add multiple users and share data if you’re working toward fitness goals with friends and family. A little competition and accountability always helps.

Four powerful and precise sensors allow you to weigh from 0.4 through 400 pounds. You can also flick to metric mode if you think in kilos.

The final winner is that this design-led scale is worthy of a place in any smart home. The tempered glass and LEDs makes them look almost good to stand on!

Final Word

We hope you’ve found some inspiration today to liven up those workouts at home.

Next week, we’ll be delving into the rollout of 5G along with plenty more of the latest smart home news. Bookmark our blog and keep your finger on the pulse. Smart home technology evolves at an incredible pace. We’re here to help you keep up.

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