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Here at Smarthome, we want to make your life easier every step of the way, while also always bringing you the best possible smart home starter kit deals.

That’s exactly what we’ve done today by assembling a selection of smart lighting starter kits suitable for all tastes and budgets. Whether you’re a total beginner to home automation or an old hand, one of these kits has your name written all over it. The only question that remains is which one you plan to buy!

We have different bundled kits to cater to both indoor and outdoor lighting. You also have the option to choose which method of control you prefer, whether that’s in-app from your smartphone or with voice commands.

We’ll walk you through each of these exciting smart home starter kit deals so you can see at a glance which makes the best fit for you.

6 Smart Home Starter Kit Deals

1. Insteon Hub + Indoor Plug-In Dimmer + Echo Dot Third Generation

If you’re considering getting up and running with some smart lighting, but you don’t have a smart speaker, this bundle is tailor-made. The discount is so steep, we’re limiting this deal to just one per customer in the interests of fairness.

The compact yet powerful Echo Dot is the centerpiece of this package, giving you all of Alexa’s smarts in a tiny disc.

The main selling point of any smart speaker is the ability to use voice commands to control your tech. You can use Alexa and the powerful Insteon Hub Central Controller to achieve this. You’ll be able to get this plug-in dimmer and all your other compatible connected devices obeying your commands.

Building the hub into your ecosystem also gives you the opportunity to take the helm in-app on your smartphone.

If you’re not sure about fully committing to smart lighting, the plug-in dimmer is a solid entry-point. You’ll be able to smarten up regular appliances like lamps, without the hassle or expense of rewiring. You can manipulate brightness levels and hit the lights from a distance when it’s time to sleep. You’ll also be able to tweak the ramp rate. This allows you to determine how bright you want the lights when they first come on.

The beauty of this deal is that you can use it to build out a much more robust connected home. So, you can get started with the simplicity of a dimmer lamp then get creative with both app and smartphone control when you take advantage of this smart home starter kit deal.

What’s In The Kit?

  • Insteon Hub Central Controller
  • Insteon Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Module
  • Echo Dot Third Generation (Heather Gray)

2. Insteon Indoor/Outdoor Holiday Lighting Starter Kit with Voice Control

The next starter kit we have lined up for you is even more robust, allowing you to control lights and appliances both indoors and outside.

We have thrown in both the Insteon Hub Central Controller and a third-generation Echo Dot. This widens your options in terms of control and interoperability.

On one level, you’ll be able to get started controlling lamps and other appliance by popping them into the plug-in modules, and then plugging those into regular outlets. After that, you can activate and deactivate them using the Insteon app on your phone or with voice commands.

From there, take advantage of the wide range of other devices you can build out your Insteon ecosystem with for more thorough home automation. You can apply the same strategy with Echo Dot and Alexa, giving you huge scope to get your devices singing in harmony.

If you prefer Google Assistant, the hub is compatible with that, too.

As with all our smart lighting packages and smart home starter kit deals, our goal is to get you started with lighting but also to give you much, much more. If you’re just starting out and want to test the waters of smart tech, this is a user-friendly way to do that. If you’re a more experienced home automation hand, you’ll have the foundation of a solid ecosystem in place.

Get creative and build out the smart home of your dreams for far less than you might imagine!

What’s In The Kit?

  • Insteon Hub Central Controller
  • Insteon Plug-In On/Off Module
  • Insteon Plug-In On/Off Outdoor Module
  • Echo Dot Third Generation (Heather Gray)

This kit is also available in another variant offering smartphone control.

3. Insteon Outdoor Lighting Kit for Hub Owners

We appreciate that anyone with even a passing interest in home automation is highly likely to own a hub already. A deal is not a strong deal if you already own some of the components, so this option is for all you hub owners out there.

You’ll get a couple of plug-in on/off modules weatherproofed and suitable for outdoor use. These rugged modules can operate in temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit or as hot as 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Wherever you live, Insteon won’t let you down!

The mini remote control switch is perfect if you prefer to take command with a physical unit. Not everyone embraces hands-free control and not everyone wants to use an app. Use the wireless remote in tandem with an Insteon controller instead and see how you get on.

As an added bonus, we’ll bundle a car kit and a tabletop stand for the remote, so you’ll have all bases neatly covered.

Of all the smart home starter kit deals we’re offering, this one comes in at the keenest price with the biggest discount, so we’d strongly suggest you move quickly since these kits are already flying off the shelves and supplies are limited!

What’s In The Kit?

  • 2 x Insteon Plug-In On/Off Outdoor Modules
  • Mini Remote Control Switch (8 Scene)
  • Tabletop Stand and Visor Clip for Remote

4. Insteon Outdoor Plug-In Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control

A simple yet remarkably effective bundle, this combo of an Insteon Home Hub and 2 plug-in modules for outdoor use is a must.

If you don’t already have a central gateway, you need one to get the very most from your smart home ecosystem. Without a hub, a remote control is out of reach and you won’t be able to enjoy the freedom of scheduling devices either.

We understand that voice control is not to everyone’s liking, so this kit allows you to take charge using the Insteon app and your smartphone instead.

The pair of plug-in modules are perfect for any outdoor lighting, along with other small appliances that you want to smarten up and control remotely.

This is another smart home deal so popular that we have to restrict it to one per customer so we can share the love!

What’s In The Kit?

  • Insteon Hub Central Controller
  • 2 x Insteon Plug-In On/Off Outdoor Modules

5. Insteon Indoor Plug-In Dimmer + Hub

Another smart home deal you'll want to get your hands on is this plug-in dimmer and Insteon hub, again limited to one bundle per customer.

Based on the flexible Insteon Hub Central Controller, you can control a broad array of smart devices across your ecosystem using the crisp and intuitive app. Replace a bowl full of remotes with one app on your smartphone and embrace home automation the easy way. You can also use a tablet or your Apple Watch for control purposes.

Lamps are handy, but it’s incredibly tedious to keep reaching down to turn them on and off. Use the nimble plug-in dimmer and do it from the comfort of the couch instead! You can also adjust brightness levels assuming you have a dimmable bulb. Whether you want to program lights to gradually step up and ease you into your day, or to dim as you slide toward dreamland, both are a cinch with this kit.

Since this kit comes in at such a pocket-friendly price, you might want to invest in an Echo or Google Home device as well. Do this and you’ll be able to use either Google Assistant or Alexa for totally hands-free control.

As with all the smart lighting kits we’re offering with these smart home starter kit deals, lighting is just one way you can use them. Get creative and personalize things!

What’s In The Kit?

  • Insteon Hub Central Controller
  • Insteon Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Module

6. Insteon Outdoor Lighting Kit with Insteon Hub

Last up, we have an especially wide-reaching smart lighting kit for outdoor use.

With the classic Insteon hub as your foundation, you’ll have huge flexibility to control a suite of Insteon devices indoors and out in the yard,

The pair of outdoor on/off modules help you to take charge of landscape lighting and any other fixtures you have outside by just using a single app on your smartphone.

With the mini remote, you can also enjoy physical control if anyone in your household is not quite so tech-savvy but still fancies embracing the convenience of automation. The clip and stand included in the kit give you even more freedom.

Thanks to the hub, you’ll also be able to create schedules and scenes with your lighting. We deliberately included hubs with many of these packages so you can do far more than simply operate smart lighting. The Insteon ecosystem, when based around the powerful Hub Central Controller, lets you build out a web of devices and get them all working together seamlessly.

What’s In The Kit?

  • Insteon Hub Central Controller
  • 2 x Insteon Plug-In On/Off Outdoor Modules
  • Mini Remote Control Switch (8 Scene)
  • Tabletop Stand and Visor Clip for Remote

Final Word

We trust that at least one of these smart home starter kit deals gives you just what you’re looking for in terms of smart lighting.

Shop now without delay since these deals are all limited and they’re already selling out fast.

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