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Insteon is one of the OGs of the smart home scene and they’ve been in business since 2005. Check out our Insteon Sale! We’re going to cut straight to the chase today and give you a brief rundown of 17 of the strongest products in their broad and impressive range. And we’ve got even better news… For Valentine’s Day 2019, we’re offering an incredible 30% discount across the entire Insteon range. If you’re looking to build out a smart home and you’re not quite sure where to get started, this guide will be invaluable. If you’re an old hand and just want a quick summary of some of the best Insteon devices along with that substantial savings you could make by acting soon, you’ll be equally happy. So we’ll get straight down to business with a look first at the classic Insteon hub…


1) Insteon Hub Central Controller

A hub is the foundation of any smart home, a combination of the brain and heart that helps everything else work together. If you’re building out a full Insteon network of devices, the central controller is a key component and with our Valentine’s Day deal is an even bigger bargain than ever before. The Insteon app, available on both iOS and Android, is intuitive and responsive. You’ll be able to easily build out schedule and also create scenes so you can start automating your home the way you dreamed of. After all, what’s the point of a smart home if you can’t get devices working together in harmony without user input? From making sure lights come on and off to taking charge of your security cameras, see the full list of compatible devices right here. This tweaked version comes with a shower of benefits and it’s the cheapest home hub up for grabs. You’ll be fully updated about new features and there’s already improved performance from an enhanced radio with a reduced footprint into the bargain. If you buy one thing this Valentine’s Day – apart from some flowers, obviously – make it the Insteon hub so you can start controlling your connected home more efficiently in 2019.


  • Plug-and-play set-up requiring less than 5 minutes
  • Control using your smart phone, Alexa, or Google Assistant
  • Get instant alerts for all potential security breaches from doors opening unexpectedly to water leaks or traces of smoke

2) Insteon Hub for HomeKit

Mixing and matching smart home tech is part of the process. After all, however heavily you might be invested into a particular ecosystem, there’s always room for a change. Insteon is a standout winner while HomeKit equipment is also first-class so why compromise and choose between the two? The enhanced Insteon+ app gives you greater control than ever before and with this version of the hub, you’ll be able to control all your favorite Insteon devices alongside your Apple gear for fully flexible home automation. Creating rooms and zones allows you to automate with complete efficiency even if you’ve got a bigger home. You can also include your home office or shed along with other properties giving you completely seamless control from your iPhone. Whether you want to hit the lights or dim them, open your garage door or activate the ceiling fan, the range of control you get with this hub means the only improvement you could ask for is one we’ve just delivered: a whopping discount for Valentine’s Day! Come back soon and check out the Insteon Hub for HomeKit.


  • Control both Insteon and HomeKit devices from your iPhone and iPod Touch for maximum streamlining
  • Combine both sets of devices into schedules and scenes to get the best experience using just one app
  • Improved and simplified Insteon+ app for robust and straightforward control regardless of the scope of your home

3) Insteon USB Modem Interface

This neat little modem interface is compatible with a range of controllers including:
  • HCA
  • HomeSeer
  • Indigo
  • PowerHome2
  • Smartenit Utility Suite
  • Vera
Set-up couldn’t be easier via USB. This device is ideal if you intend to use an Insteon-compatible remote that’s RF-only along with a thermostat and motion sensor/contact sensor. You can control lights, HVAC systems alarms and appliances through your Insteon network. You’ll get a beeper and LED alerts with this new uprated model. This dual-band interface is not for everybody, but if you want to control the devices on your Insteon network and you don’t mind leaving the controller program running, this is a neat solution for the tech-savvy.


  • Serves double duty as an Access Point thanks to RF and powerline signals
  • Control Insteon devices using PC-based or hardware-based controllers
  • Cut through electrical interference and weakening of signal so perfect for larger smart home or even commercial premise


4) Insteon Remote Control Wall Thermostat

One of the most common entry points to smart home technology is a thermostat, and if you want to smarten up your set-up, Insteon make it super-simple with this remote control wall unit. Control is a breeze whether you want to take charge in-app on your phone or you prefer to use voice commands. If you fancy using a virtual butler, you’ll need an enabled device and also the home controller we looked at above. You can build out control still further by incorporating some sensors – we’ll look at those shortly – so you can make sure the temperature dips when there’s no motion in the room. This is a neat way to slash those rampant power bills if you need a shot of energy-efficiency in the house. From duct dampers through to ceiling fans, you’ll be able to enjoy complete integration along with remote access, and if you invest in the nifty home hub, you can turn your phone or tablet into a full remote control enabling you to make tweaks to the temperature at home when you’re running late at work.


  • Ideal for most heating and cooling systems including more advanced 2-stage set-ups
  • Thermostat can also function as an Insteon controller by triggering other devices when a set temperature is reached
  • Use your smartphone for seamless control or a digital assistant assuming you have an Alexa or Google Assistant device along with the classic Insteon hub

Security Camera

5) Insteon Wireless IP Camera

Looking somewhat like an old-style rotary phone, this remarkably compact camera boasts hard-hitting functionality and makes an excellent line of defense for your connected home. Video quality is obviously crucial when you’re looking to protect your home and this Insteon camera gives you full high definition so you can see what you need to around the clock. You enjoy 16:9 widescreen with a resolution of 1280p x 720p. A ring of LEDs deliver penetrating night vision. This enables you to see up to 66 feet outside and 26 feet inside your home. Pan-and-tilt functionality gives you even wider-reaching coverage with an end to needless coverage of dead spots. The camera can pan through fully 300 degrees and it tilts to 120 degrees. This feature is fully supported from your smartphone so you get complete remote access even if you’re sunning yourself on vacation. If you want this camera as part of a fuller Insteon smart home, it goes unsaid it’s compatible with the classic home hub.


  • Crisp 1280p x 720p resolution in full HD with pan-and-tilt
  • Camera packs pan-and-tilt functionality along with penetrating night vision offering you an economical, robust security solution
  • Speaker and mic onboard


6) Insteon Motion Sensor II

The new and improved motion sensors from Insteon are a must for any respectable connected home. Set-up is further simplified with a physical button to press and then basic testing before you’re up and running. The compact footprint of this sensor allows you to mount it on the wall or corner of a wall. You can also pop it on a tabletop, desk or shelf depending on what works best for the configuration of your home. While fully wireless, you can power up the sensor using an optional USB cable. This is the right-angled variety, though, so you won’t necessarily be able to slip one out the drawer! If you’re wary of sensitive motion detectors regularly being falsely triggered, hitting night mode will stop lights coming up when motion is senses during the daytime. This will also keep your power bills down. You’ll need the hub and app to configure this sensor and from that point forth, you’ll be able to control any Insteon-compatible device fuss-free.


  • Generous detection range reaching 30 feet and arcing through 90 degrees
  • Updated model boasts enhanced WiFi capability in a smaller unit than ever before
  • Hit night-only mode to minimize false positives

7) Insteon Water Leak Sensor

A water leak sensor might not be the most thrilling purchase but we outlined here why it’s well worth incorporating one into your connected home. You won’t need any kind of messing around at all for set up and there’s no hardware required either. Place the dinky white unit on the floor and you’re good to go. This is great news if you’re not the biggest tech-lover but want the basics of an automated home in place, especially on the safety front. Whether you’ve got a leaking sink or a completely burst pipe, you’ll get an instant alert pinged to your smartphone so you can take prompt action even if you’re away from home. You’ll need the hub for this but, as we outlined, this gateway is a central component of your Insteon home and even greater value with our Valentine’s Day sale. This water sensor has the inbuilt advantage of a heartbeat signal so you can tell at all times that it’s firing on all cylinders. After all, what could be worse than thinking you’re protected only to be let down by system error? Well, not buying a sensor in the first place could be much worse and cost you a small fortune or a circuitous insurance claim, so don’t delay and invest in your own security and peace of mind.


  • Stay constantly informed of system health thanks to monitoring signal
  • Battery lifespan a remarkable 10 years so no constant nagging that you’ll return from your holidays to a flat battery and flooded house
  • Ideal for all water-bearing appliances from sinks and toilets through dishwashers and washing machines

8) Insteon Open/Close Sensor

An open/close sensor may very well not be the first item on your list of smart home essentials, but it’s a surprisingly versatile piece of kit and well worth the modest expense. If you need to keep abreast of multiple doors and windows, all you need to do is string together some sensors and extend coverage throughout your home. Other use cases include dark closets, safes, and even the door in your fridge. Get creative and make sure any time you open a door, you’ll get all the light you need then it will automatically turn off when you close the door and the sensor is triggered again. This type of automation is exactly what most people want from a smart home in 2019, and if you act quickly for out Insteon sale, you can pick this open/close sensor up at a full 30% discount.


  • Trigger lights and appliances in your home to kick in when doors open or close
  • Monitor all potential security breaches remotely in-app on your smart phone
  • Works well on all doors and windows as well as helping to illuminate dark spaces like closets and cupboards as soon as you open the door

9) Insteon Hidden Door Sensor

Another sterling sensor up next from the impressive Insteon stable with this hidden door sensor. If you don’t like the idea of multiple visible sensors cluttering up the clean lines of your home, this model slots neatly inside your doorframe. Aside from drilling a hole in your doorframe and using the screw and spacer provided, there’s nothing else needed to get yourself going. If you have a metal door and frame, you’re better off with the open/close sensor. You can choose which alerts work best, notifications or emails, and stay in touch with what’s going on in your home remotely, another of the key benefits of automating your house in the first place. Battery-operated, you’ll get years of use from this sensor and the wireless range is impressive topping out at 150 feet. For subtle and convenient addition to the sensors in your home, add this to your Insteon system and you won’t be disappointed.


  • Exceptional wireless range of 150 feet for automation at a distance
  • Installation is straightforward and wire-free so no need to call in a contractor
  • Contacts build to last so you’ll get plenty of years of faithful service from this hidden sensor

10) Insteon Plug-In Smoke Bridge

Another necessary evil when thinking about protecting your smart home, a smoke detector is key. This plug-in bridge from Insteon also incorporates alert capacity for a carbon monoxide detector for enhanced functionality. In order to use this bridge, though, you’ll need the First Alert OneLink smoke alarm or the combined smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. However many smoke detectors you’ve got peppered throughout your home, you’ll only need a single smoke bridge to bring them together. Assuming you have the alarms in place and they are triggered, the alarms sound throughout your house. This is great news if you’re at home, but how about when you’re not around? Well, the bridge sends a signal to your Insteon hub and you’ll then be notified on your phone allowing you to take prompt action before the horrors of an accident and costly insurance claim set in. Safety and convenience are the twin pillars of home automation, and if you place the former uppermost as you certainly should, this bridge might be the smartest investment you make in 2019.


  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector combined giving you maximum bang for your buck
  • Link manually to your lighting or automate fully using the intuitive software so you can receive alerts and spring into action if smoke sets in during the night
  • Additional alerts available for the all-clear, error messages, and low battery so stay abreast of everything through your smart phone


11) Insteon Remote Control On/Off Switch

Insteon offers a mighty fine range of smart switches and if you want to get back to basics, a remote control on/off switch is an admirable starting point. Packing a healthy 1800-watt capacity, this switch will serve a turn in a commercial backdrop just as well as in your connected home. Whether you want to control fluorescent lights, motors or fans, you’ll be able to do this either from the switch itself, or from other Insteon devices. You’ll also be able to take charge remotely using your smart phone and the Insteon app, or even using voice commands. Slotting in with any regulation paddle wall plate, we’d personally recommend using the screwless plate from Insteon to keep things unified and streamlined. If you want even greater value, there’s a 5-pack available at an even keener proportional price.


  • Perfect for controlling a broad spread of load types from lights through to fans and motors
  • Both Alexa and Google Assistant supported assuming you have the requisite enabled device and the Insteon hub we kicked off with
  • Improved design to make it easier to set this apart from any dimming models you have installed

12) Insteon Smart Dimmer Switch

One of the primary reasons for picking up a dimmer switch is the ease with which you can create mood lighting in your home. Adding to this, the increased energy-efficiency can also lead to savings on your power bills for the double-win. This smart switch only works with Insteon systems so be aware of that before committing to purchase. As long as you have other Insteon devices like keypads and other wall switches, you’ll be able to control this switch using those as well as in-app on your smartphone. Pick up the Insteon hub and you can use Google Assistant or Alexa as long as you also have an enabled device. For Apple HomeKit, you’ll need the Insteon Hub for HomeKit and you can use your preferred voice assistant to dim the lights for your movie. You can tweak the on level and also the rate of dimming. Customization also extends to the color of the paddle switch, etching and even the LED light pipe. If you want to take charge of a string of Insteon devices at the tap of a button, brighten the lights in groups using powerful Scenes. If you feel the need, you can also build out virtual multi-way switches. Check out our recent article on how dimmer switches work for more on this.


  • Cost-effective method of energy consumption so you should get a return on this modest investment while making your life easier at the same time
  • Control is possible from pretty much any device in your home from keypads and switches through to your smart phone assuming you have the Insteon hub
  • Fully customizable from paddle and LEDs to custom etching

13) Insteon Remote Control Dimmer Switch (Toggle)

If you’re looking for a more classic aesthetic without compromising the smarts of your switch, this regular toggle-style dimmer from Insteon is the obvious solution. Get yourself the Insteon hub and you can access this remote control dimmer switch from your smart phone or preferred digital butler or using the switch itself. An added bonus is incorporating a bedside dimmer so you can finish the last few pages of your book as your eyes are starting to close then immediately enter dreamland without getting out of bed. As with all Insteon gear, using the app is child’s play and you’ll be able to set up robust Scenes bringing multiple devices in sync at the push of a single button. This dimmer is good for loads up to 600 watts. There’s a non-dimmable alternative if you need to control halogen or fluorescent lights, ballasts or low-voltage transformers. The switch comes with 32 brightness presets and you can fine-tune things in-app in 1% increments. You can also adjust the ramp rate – how quickly the light dims – anywhere from 0.1 seconds through to a maximum of 9 seconds. If you sidestep local programming and press the Insteon software into action, you can increase ramp rate to fully 8 minutes. The final flourish comes with the option of creating multi-way switches without needing to rely on travel wires or an expensive rewiring job.


  • Installation is straightforward and you’ll be up and running without the complication of many dimmer switches
  • Compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant if you have the correct device and a hub in place
  • Drop one of your lights into a Scene in-app for a stress-free automated experience


14) Insteon Remote Control Dimmer Keypad (6-Button)

This is yet another remarkably adaptable device from the ever-reliable Insteon. Not only do you get a standard-issue remote control keypad, this serves double-duty as a dimmer giving you unbeatable value from a brand you can rely on. With this 6-button model, control extends to 5 devices. You’ll also be able to group devices easily. As long as you treat yourself to the Insteon hub as well, you’ll be able to take charge of other devices in your home such as Sonos speakers. Voice control is available with either Alexa or Google Assistant. As always, you’ll need the requisite device and also the Insteon hub to make this possible. While you can use any regular wall plate – you won’t get one included – we’d strongly recommend sticking with Insteon and picking up the screwless option for a more refined look.


  • Multipurpose device functioning as a 600-watt dimmer switch as well as a 6-button keypad controller
  • Take command of 5 devices and Scenes but if this isn’t enough, there’s an 8-button keypad giving you control of 8 devices or groups of devices
  • Choice of finishes with ivory or light almond so you can mix and match with your décor

15) Insteon Mini Remote Control Keypad (8-Button)

If you have a range of Insteon lighting and other appliances already in place, or you’re planning to add some to your ecosystem, this mini remote keypad is another versatile addition to your set-up… If you mount it on the wall, it functions just like a normal keypad. Let’s face it, though, if you’re going for this scaled-down wireless model, you’re probably looking for mobility. If so, you’ve got a fully wire-free remote that doesn’t take up too much space. If you wanted to mount it on the wall, you will require both a mount bracket and wall plate. Part of home automation consists of creating to the optimum environment from the moment you set foot inside the door. This keypad is so flexible, you can even pop it in the car to ensure the house is illuminated as soon as you enter. Wireless thanks to a nifty battery giving you anywhere from 9 to 12 months of use before it needs recharging, you’ll also be able to turn your cell phone into a replica mini remote for advanced control from a distance. Again, you’ll need a hub to make this happen.


  • Works as both a fixed keypad and a handheld remote so install it the way that works best for you
  • No need for power source or any wiring since you just need the rechargeable batteries provided with up to a year of lifespan
  • You’ll get the incredibly reliable communication you fully expect from an Insteon device

Outlets and Modules

16) Insteon Remote Control Dual On/Off Outlet

Smart plugs are a cheap and popular entry point to smart home technology and Insteon offer a multiuse outlet representing rock-solid value for money. This dual-band device works with lamps and other appliance like coffee machine that you simply want to turn on or off without necessarily needing to head to the outlet. You can, of course do that, but it would pretty much defeat the purpose. Whether you use an Insteon controller like the keypads we’ve looked at today or your cell phone, you can turn either outlet on and off separately. For even greater freedom, get yourself an Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled device and use voice commands instead. Another key advantage besides that broad choice of control is the fact all the technology comes onboard so you won’t need the inconvenience or bulk of an additional module. For an affordable and effective smart outlet, this twin model is a great investment, even more so if you take advantage of our sale this coming Valentine’s Day.


  • Take control of either outlet independently for a completely flexible experience
  • Access from the outlet, from an Insteon controller, by smart phone in-app or using your preferred digital assistant
  • Comes in white, ivory, or light almond so it will fit perfectly with just about any color scheme

17) Insteon Plug-In Lamp Dimmer-Module

If you’ve got any plug-in lighting like floor lamps or table lamps, dimming them remotely is a nice touch and something made easy with this cost-effective module. This is an easily adjustable module starting with the initial brightness rate. This has a percentage scale you can tweak so you enter a room to the mood lighting you want without any need to fiddle around. As with all Insteon dimming devices, you can tailor the ramp rate from a super-swift 0.1 seconds up to a far more pedestrian 8 minutes at the upper end. From scheduling your outside lighting to come on as the sun goes down to creating scenes in your smart home for when you want to head out into a dark kitchen for supper, this plug-in dimmer is an adaptable performer. Whether you want to use a mini remote or a keypad, your smart phone or the switch itself, maybe even voice commands, you’ve got a vast choice of control at your disposal with this module and it’s a subtle but striking addition to any Insteon arsenal.


  • Use a keypad, sensor, wall switch or your smart phone to dim the lights
  • Physical buttons are useful if your phone or controller is not to hand
  • Use any type of plug-in lamp at all whether new or old and from any brand so a completely flexible dimming solution

Final Word

Well, we hope you’re fully primed up and ready to roll for our looming Valentine’s Day sale. All Insteon devices are 30% off as we mentioned. Also, there are even more at your disposal but we didn’t want to write a book today so we pegged it at 17 of the very best options for your Insteon smart home. Come back soon as we update our home automation blog daily.
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