A Guide To Nest Products: smart thermostat on wall

Since Nest and parent company Google joined forces as a single smart home entity, Google Nest products have continued to widen and strengthen.

Today, we’ll give you a walkthrough of 10 of the best products since this rebranding and reorganization.

We looked recently at the Google Nest rebranding and also how this shuffle affects Alexa so check out those articles for the 411.

For now, we’ll launch right in with a look at a cross-section of what’s hot with this range rebooted.

10 of The Best Google Nest Products 2019

  1. Google Nest Hub
  2. Google Nest Hub Max
  3. Google Nest Protect
  4. Google Nest Detect
  5. Google Nest Learning Thermostat
  6. Google Nest Thermostat E
  7. Google Nest Temperature Sensor
  8. Google Nest Cam Indoor and Outdoor
  9. Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor and Outdoor
  10. Google Nest Hello

1) Google Nest Hub

Rebranded from Google Home Hub, Google Nest Hub is confusingly named since this is a smart display, not a home hub.

You’ll get a crisp 7-inch display, giving you a visual edge to using your smart speaker in a small form factor.

Packing Google Assistant onboard, you’ll be able to stream all your favorite tunes hands-free. The screen allows you to hit YouTube or any other streaming site for vids, too.

As you expect from a Google Assistant device, you’ll enjoy robust and wide-ranging smart home control of all compatible devices. With the screen, you can also press your virtual butler into helping you in the kitchen. Call up recipe guidance and make things easy on yourself.

There’s no camera on Nest Hub. For some, this might be a drawback but for many, it’s a refreshing change with no always-on device or security concerns.

Sound quality is distinctly lacking. As anything other than background listening, Google Nest Hub is limp and disappointing.

At least the microphones perform better than speakers. You’ll have no problem making yourself heard even in a busy and noisy room.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the ubiquitous Alexa and you want the added flexibility offered by a smart display, the classic Google Nest Hub is a subtle gem.

What if you’re looking for Nest products with slightly more screen real estate, though?

Key Benefits

  • Compact enough to slip almost anywhere
  • Robust, hands-free smart home control with Google Assistant
  • Deceptively pleasurable viewing for short video clips

2) Google Nest Hub Max

Set to drop today, September 9, Google Nest Hub Max supersizes the original with a 10-inch screen. This places the device in direct competition with Echo Show, so how does it shape up?

Aside from increasing the screen size dramatically, Hub Max throws a camera in to appease those who mourned its absence on the original Hub.

A pair of front-facing 10-watt tweeters, along with a 30-watt woofer, serve up a far more vigorous soundscape than Hub Max’s smaller brother. While it might not serve as a primary listening device, the soundscape is strong.

The motion-tracking camera rolled out on this smart display performs just as well as the one pioneered on Facebook Portal. With Face Match baked in, you can enjoy personalized entertainment and updates based on the camera picking up your face. You can opt-out of this feature if you’re not comfortable with it.

A differentiating factor over many smart displays is the way you can use gesture control alongside voice and touch. Playing and pausing music this week is particularly satisfying.

If you’re after a larger screen for your smart display and you prefer the deeper search skills of Google Assistant over Alexa, the all-new Google Nest Hub Max hits the shelves today, September 9.

Key Benefits

  • 10-inch HD screen for relaxed viewing
  • Camera with facial recognition to help personalize notifications
  • All the smarts of Google Assistant

3) Google Nest Protect

Now into its second iteration and rebranded Google Nest Protect, there are some things you can expect from this smoke and carbon monoxide alarm and a few reasons should you get it.

Smoke and carbon monoxide are silent menaces that can be fatal. Popping this compact device in your connected home will help you sleep safer knowing you won’t be sprung by any unexpected fire.

Get alerts pinged to your smartphone in the event of any problem at home. This is equally valuable whether you’re there in the bedroom or on the other side of the world. The remote control is a powerful extra.

If you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen and your steak catches on slightly, mute the Protect feature in-app from your phone fuss-free.

You can expect up to a decade of protection from this device before the sensors start giving up the ghost, so you’re getting outstanding value for money alongside unbeatable peace of mind.

Get used to dimming your lights and seeing the reassuring ring of green indicating that everything is safe and spotless in the atmosphere.

Key Benefits

  • Google Nest Protect tests itself every 200 seconds to ensure you're always protected
  • Advance warning of smoke that can come in handy in any room of the house
  • Very few false positives and dependable alerts

4) Google Nest Detect

Google Nest Detect is an interesting and affordable sensor you can use on doors and windows to stay aware of any security breaches, even if you’re not at home.

When you place Detect on a window, you’ll be alerted if this is opened unexpectedly. Pop the sensor on a wall and you’ll receive an alert when motion is detected, giving you a valuable extra layer of security in your smart home.

You’ll obviously enjoy full interoperability throughout the Google Nest ecosystem and you can use Detect in tandem with alarms and any other compatible devices.

Monitor the status of your sensors in-app from a distance so you can stay completely plugged into your connected home, even if you’re on vacation.

Key Benefits

  • Detects motion when sensor breached
  • Works neatly with Nest Guard for alarm and alert
  • Tamper-proof for your peace of mind

5) Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Now racing into its third generation, the classic Learning Thermostat is one of the most popular Nest products. It is a consistent bestseller and the gold standard of smart thermostats.

If you’re put off by the thought of complex thermostats, you’ll get no such problems with Learning. As the name makes abundantly clear, this smart thermostat picks up on your preferences. With manual input almost completely eliminated, you’ll get convenience and comfort.

By automating climate control, you’ll strengthen your chances of running an energy-efficient household and you can cut down significantly on energy costs. Monitoring and reports help you target areas where you can make savings. More judicious heating and cooling can also make for dramatic savings month-on-month.

Control is seamless and seldom even necessary. Once you have Learning up and running, your home tends to stay heated or cooled just the way you like year-round. What else could you ask for?

Key Benefits

  • Auto-scheduling takes the sting out of climate control
  • Green leaf displayed when you’re running lean on energy
  • Control in-app or using Google Assistant

6) Google Nest Thermostat E

We asked what could be better than Learning Thermostat and the answer is…

Almost the same but at practically half-price. That’s where Thermostat E steps in and it’s all about the economy.

All you need to do is take the helm in-app on your smartphone and you can start optimizing temperature control in your connected home. Not only can you reduce the need to keep manually changing temperature, but you can also use less energy, too.

While you won’t get the same full-color display as you’ll get on Learning, that’s one of the few things that’s missing in this budget-friendly model.

Aim for that trademark green leaf displayed and you can rest confident that your home is running in as energy-efficient a manner as possible. Consider some of the sensors directly below for even finer control.

Key Benefits

  • Significantly cheaper than Learning with most of the same functionality
  • Reporting and energy history helps you make even more savings
  • A contemporary frosted design ideal for modern or traditional homes

7) Google Nest Thermostat Sensor


DMAX B23421c01F_RGB_smp_Horizon

If you need a specific room heated with precision, consider adding in some of these Google Nest Thermostat Sensors to your collection of Nest products.

Choose to leave the tiny discs on a table or shelf, fix them to the wall, the choice is yours.

Once in place, these sensors work with whatever Nest smart thermostat you have to deliver a completely consistent temperature throughout your home.

Sensors come individually or in packs of 3, so you can build out as many as you want within your Google Nest ecosystem. What are you waiting for?

Key Benefits

  • Pop on a shelf or attach to the wall for maximum versatility
  • Compatible with Learning and Thermostat E
  • Get consistent temperature throughout your smart home around the clock

8) Google Nest Cam Indoor and Outdoor


Google Nest Cam Outdoor

If you’re looking to ramp up the security inside your smart home and out in the yard with Nest products, the Google Nest Cam comes in both indoor and outdoor variants.

With the indoor cameras, just pop the unobtrusive cams anywhere near a power outlet and you’ll be good to get going in-app.

Outdoor cameras also run blissfully hub-free, so slip the weatherproofed unit somewhere close to an outdoor power outlet and you’re away.

You’ll get alerts to your cell phone in the event of any unwanted motion being detected. You’ll also be able to use the camera as an intercom and communicate.

If you opt for the paid Nest Aware subscription, you’ll get even punchier functionality and superior access to stored footage.


Google Nest Cam Indoor

Key Benefits

  • Secure all corners of your smart home inside and out
  • No hub required for indoor camera
  • Live video feed around the clock

9) Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor and Outdoor

The IQ line of Google Nest Cams also come in both indoor and outdoor guise. All these security cameras are priced so reasonably, you can extend full coverage to your security campaign.

These IQ cameras can zoom up to 12x and you’ll enjoy a 4K sensor to help enable tracking any intruders. Codenamed Supersight, this intelligent approach to monitoring your property leaves you feeling safe and sound, whether you're sleeping or away from home.

Facial recognition comes out to play with a Nest Aware subscription and the camera can differentiate between people and things.

If you detect anyone is inside your property from a distance, you can potentially scare them off by interacting through the camera. Alternatively, keep quiet and mobilize the police instead.

Cam IQ Outdoor might not be the cheapest of Nest products, but you’ll get an even more powerful 16x zoom along with HDR imaging. This means you can capture any unwanted visitors or intruders in clear HD.

Whether you want the basic cams or the more advanced tech of the IQ line, Google Nest has you covered with all aspects of home security.

Key Benefits

  • Wide 130-degree viewing angle with 1080p footage in HD
  • Two-way audio
  • Activity history and monitoring along with other extra features unlocked with Nest Aware

10) Google Nest Hello

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell was one of the earliest entrants to the smart entry system space. Although, back then it was named Nest rather than Google Nest.

Other video doorbells like the classic Ring might have more advanced functionality, but Hello gets the job done without standing on ceremony.

As you’d expect, Hello plays nicely with Google Assistant so you can enjoy hands-free control if you'd like. If not, you interact with Hello in-app on your smartphone.

You’ll get HD video and crisp, clear audio so you can communicate easily with your visitors from the couch or the beach.

Whether you want to see who’s coming and going when you’re not home or you want an added layer of security, Hello still makes sense in 2019.

Key Benefits

  • Intelligent alerts with little chance of false positives
  • Around-the-clock streaming
  • Stay connected to your home even when you’re away

Final Word

Well, you should have a solid overview of the best Nest products that Google Nest has to offer. The range extends to more than we’ve had the chance to cover today. Check out the full product line right here.

Don’t forget, bookmark our blog here at SmartHome for all the latest product highlights and smart home news from around the world. Follow us on social media, too and come back soon!


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