Insteon Announcement

The New Insteon Mobile Application

Heads have been down and working hard to release the new Insteon mobile application for iOS and Android users. Insteon developers heard your feedback about the application and dedicate themselves to improving user experience.

Some more improvements you can expect from the app include:

  • Fast response times
  • A simplified way to create & control scenes
  • New Sunrise & Sunset features
  • New code framework, React Native which allows a single codebase for both the iOS and Android
  • Improved ability to deliver app updates more frequently

Works Well With Others

Smart lighting and electrical technology are at the forefront of Smart Lab Inc's development. Insteon is in the process of making substantial investments to Insteon cloud-to-cloud services. The investment will aim to expand on its ability to work well with other products, platforms, and services.

Apple fans will be happy to hear about the investment in research and development in the updated HomeKit ecosystem. Rob, comments on, "One of the things we respect most about HomeKit is Apple's commitment to security, but HomeKit’s initial architecture proved costly and challenging for the industry to adopt."



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