Insteon Hub
Creating a smart home is a whole new world of creativity. From blending devices to customizing your home making the decision to go smart, turns your house into a home. Over hundreds of devices and products, you can make lights turn on at the sound of a command or have sensors detect motion and turn on the lights. The Insteon hub is the king of all Insteon products keeping your devices connected, communicating with each other, and more control over your home automation products. You can own Insteon products like the smart light switches, door locks, thermostats, keypads, motion sensors, and much more. Without the Insteon Hub, you can’t control them from your phone, or through your Alexa, Google Home, and other voice assistants. Automating your home, won’t be as beneficial without the Hub. Having the hub makes your home a little bit more secure whether you're there or thousands of miles away.

How does the Insteon Hub work?

Insteon runs off radio frequency communications and power lines. Using a dual mesh network, it transmits and receives messages allowing your devices to connect to the internet. Compared to others, Insteon technology travels farther and has no interruptions contributing to the dual-band powerline. Connecting is a much simpler process. Simply, plug your Insteon device into your WiFi router, download the application, press the set button, and access a new world of appliances remotely.

Why do I need a hub?

Buy an Insteon Hub to reap the benefits of controlling a variety of interconnected devices. Give a command such as “Google, turn on the lights!” or “Alexa, dim the lights to 50%!” Do you want access to your home via smartphone? Set scenes, dim lights, and get all the control you need? Then the hub is where you start! Automating your home isn't just a cool process you can show off to your friends. It's another door you're opening of creativity. The complexity of automating your home is all on you. Walk into your home and have sensors turn on your lights, and set scenes through the Insteon Mobile Application.

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