Insteon Wall Switches
The one-size-fits-all approach may work for cookie cutter houses, but your home is as unique as you are. Every Insteon Wall Switch is jam-packed with advanced technologies that set it apart from the crowd. Check out what Insteon switches can do for you and your smart home.

Control Your Lights with Motion

Turn any Insteon Wall Switch into an occupancy-sensing switch with an Insteon Motion Sensor. And with Insteon, your Motion Sensor can control multiple wall switches simultaneously for large rooms or long hallways.

Control Your Lights from Anywhere

Use your phone or tablet to control and configure your switches for the ultimate control. Brighten and dim your switch straight from anywhere. Set schedules to automatically turn on and off your lights.
*Requires Insteon Hub

Brighten or Dim to Your Heart's Content

Easily create the perfect ambiance for every occasion, while saving time, energy and money.

Control Multiple Devices At Once

One of the most powerful features of Insteon switches, Scenes let you control multiple devices all at once. Brighten all of the lights in an entire room.

Set Schedules

Set Schedules

Automatically turn your porch lights on at dusk. Wake up to a gentle pseudo-sunrise at 7AM. You can schedule individual wall switches or full groups of switches for particular hours and days of the week.
*Requires Insteon Hub

Customizable Ramp Rates

Set how quickly (or slowly) your lights brighten and dim - anywhere from instantly to 8 minutes.

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