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If you’re lucky enough to have a second property, maybe you’ve thought about using Airbnb to generate some extra income from your apartment. It might be difficult to know which products to invest in, so we put together this list of Airbnb host tips to help you out.

When using a platform heavily reliant on user reviews, your long-term business model will benefit if you give consumers what they want. And, in 2019, that’s a tech-driven and user-friendly home.

Given Airbnb’s stance on security cameras, we have some much better suggestions than an intrusive camera to inspire you today.

Roll out any of these approaches to smart tech we outline today and you could soon become a smart host with a welter of 5-star reviews attracting more customers.

11 Ways To Smarten Up Your Airbnb Property

If you get creative with tech, you can embrace any of the following areas to give your guests a stay that they will remember.

As the host, many of the Airbnb host tips we explore today come with inbuilt benefits for you too.

Without further ado, we’ll launch right in with 11 ways to smarten up your Airbnb property the easy way.

  1. Automated Security Light
  2. Smart Lock
  3. Video Doorbell
  4. Mesh WiFi Network
  5. Smart Speaker
  6. Smart TV with Streaming Service and HDMI Port
  7. USB Charging Station
  8. Smart Thermostat
  9. Smart Bulbs
  10. White Noise Machine
  11. Coffee Machine

1) Automated Security Light

First impressions count and the last thing any guest wants is a gloomy entrance to a property.

A simple, motion-activated smart security light like Ring Spotlight is a pocket-friendly way to greet your guests with bright lighting.

Weatherproofed for outdoor use, this battery-powered beauty can be used without the extra expense of the Ring Bridge if all you want is basic functionality.

Without any of the privacy implications of a camera, you can ensure your property is protected to some extent. Any unwanted visitors will be bathed in piercing light and your guests will immediately feel more secure too.

Once they’ve arrived at a nicely illuminated front door, you can continue to make things easy for them with our next Airbnb host tip.

2) Smart Lock

Our next Airbnb host tip is to install a smart lock. With this installed, you’ll have no need to meet and greet incoming guests. This is particularly valuable if your Airbnb is far from home.

For guests, there’s no need to worry about losing keys and they’ll gain immediate access any time of day or night.

You have a wealth of choice with smart locks, but we strongly recommend Schlage Connect. This powerful Z-Wave-enabled lock allows you to create up to 30 access codes, which you can email to guests. Once they’ve departed, you can cancel out the codes mitigating any potential security risk on your part.

If your guests happen to run into any problems with the Schlage, you’ll be able to easily troubleshoot from a distance. If they’re unable to get in, you can override things and lock or unlock the door remotely either in-app or on the web.

Despite such advanced functionality baked in, this lock is a breeze to operate with its responsive touchscreen. This means you won’t need to worry about alienate older guests or the less tech-savvy.

3) Video Doorbell

Before we set foot inside your Airbnb, we’re not quite done with the entrance yet.

Video doorbells don’t fall under Airbnb’s rules prohibiting recording devices unless clearly disclosed. Why does this matter?

Unfortunately, some guests might not respect the rules you have in place concerning the number of occupants. With a video doorbell, you can monitor coming and goings discreetly and remotely.

Ring Video Doorbell will keep you connected to your rental even at night, and will also serve as an inbuilt safety net if your guests forget their access code. All they need to do is hit the doorbell and they’ll enjoy direct two-way audio with you. You’ll even be able to unlock the door remotely for them.

4) Mesh WiFi Network

Now when you looked up Airbnb host tips, you probably weren't expecting to see mesh WiFi Network on the list, but hear us out. Today, anyone renting an Airbnb property is highly likely to expect solid WiFi. More and more people are working remotely requiring robust WiFi. Also, when you’re on vacation, you’re likely to be streaming and also placing video calls.

What do you do if the signal in your property is sluggish and prone to dead spots?

The obvious solution is to install a mesh WiFi network.

Rather than a regular router sending out a single blast of signal, a mesh WiFi system hoses your home with powerful blasts using several nodes, effectively mini-routers.

Google Home Mesh is a rock-solid solution with a single access point covering areas up to 1500 square feet. You can build out more nodes into the network if you have a more spacious home, too.

These mesh WiFi networks are no more difficult to use than a regular WiFi network. In many ways, Google makes it easier for you. All devices will be optimized thanks to Network Assist, and you’ll be able to monitor usage in-app.

You’ll also be able to set up a guest network, so your own settings and data remain secure. This is crucial for an Airbnb rental.

5) Smart Speaker

One of our less expensive Airbnb host tips is to place a smart speaker in your space. With smart speakers sold at almost throwaway prices now, it’s well worth popping an Alexa or Google Assistant device in your smart rental.

We’d recommend either Echo Dot or Google Home Mini as the most affordable options that still deliver a robust digital assistant experience.

Adding a smart speaker will make your guests feel like they’re at home. They can also call for assistance with information about local amenities hands-free.

If you want to get creative, you can also easily build a customized Alexa skill giving your guests vital info like the WiFi password or door access code.

As with your WiFi network, it’s worth erring on the side of caution here. Set up a dedicated Amazon or Google account rather than using your own.

While a smart speaker might seem like a frivolous extra, your guests really will appreciate it, and that’s what counts.

6) Smart TV with Streaming Service and HDMI Port

You can assume your guests will be looking forward to some much-needed downtime, so give them a helping hand.

Smart TVs are coming down in price all the time, and you should look out for one packing plenty of HDMI ports. That way, your guests can easily hook up their own streaming devices or watch movies from their USB sticks.

Given the plethora of streaming services available, there’s no excuse not to offer Netflix. You don’t need to go OTT with Apple TV either. We would strongly recommend Roku TV, which comes in a range of sizes from 32-inch through 49-inch. This comes very keenly priced and you can also opt to bolt on a soundbar or subwoofer if you’re feeling particularly generous.

Direct access to over 500,000 movies and TV shows should ensure your guests are never short of entertainment.

7) USB Charging Station

Every little way you can make your guests’ lives easier means more chance of a gushing review, repeat business and referrals.

Why not throw in a USB charging station so your guests can power up all their devices in one place?

The RAVPower packs a powerhouse 60-watt supply and comes with 6 rapid charging ports ideal for phones and tablets.

These small touches and Airbnb host tips will go a lot further than a bunch of flowers on the table. You’ll be providing real value to your guests and that’s always welcomed and remembered.

8) Smart Thermostat

Throw in a smart thermostat and you can guarantee your guests will step into a home heated or cooled to their liking.

Automating climate control will make things easy for your guests when they’re settled in, but also come with some benefits for you, the host.

Occupancy sensors can help to keep heating and cooling costs down when your guests are away without needing to leave passive-aggressive reminders for them to turn off the AC or heating. Paying guests don’t like being ordered around, even from a distance.

By remaining in charge of climate control, you’ll keep those bills from spiraling and eating into your profit margin, without needing to get heavy-handed about it.

Smart thermostats are also ideal if your property remains unoccupied for lengthy periods of time. So do yourself a favor and smarten up that thermostat pronto!

9) Smart Bulbs

Why bother with smart bulbs, you ask?

The obvious starting point is the way you should keep utility bills down, but there’s more to it than shaving a few bucks off your electricity costs.

More and more guests fully expect small but important touches like smart lighting, so why not give them what they want?

If you’re prepared to throw a little cash into it, the LIFX Smart LED Tile Kit will go down a storm. You won’t need a third-party hub and guests can have fun creating marvelous backdrops in-app from a palette of 16 million colors.

If your budget won’t quite stretch to this, some simple smart bulbs will be worth their weight in gold.

So, how else can you make sure your guests have the time of their lives in your Airbnb?

10) White Noise Machine

Maybe your property is in a noisy urban area. Perhaps you're used to tuning out the ambient noise, but what about guests that are not used to such background intrusion?

You can consider adding a white noise machine in the bedroom to send them happily on their way to dreamland.

You can pick up these ambient noise generators at cutthroat prices so you don’t need to worry about bankrupting yourself.

Easy to use and completely customizable, you’re sure to see this referenced in reviews and your guests will thank you for such attention to detail.

What about when they wake up in the morning?

11) Coffee Machine

Our last Airbnb host tip is a top-notch smart coffee machine. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune and is sure to delight your guests.

This is a crowded vertical with a bewildering array of choice, so which machines are any good?

One option is to roll with the legendary Keurig K-Classic capsule-based single-serve machine. This exemplifies smart tech while also demonstrating to your guests you’ve thought closely about their welfare.

The machine couldn’t be easier to use and you can even throw in a variety pack of 48 capsules without needing to spend a fortune.

Final Thoughts

If you're an Airbnb host looking to smarten up your space, or a new host trying to decide where to start, we hope these 11 Airbnb host tips helped you better understand how to impress your guests with smart technology.

Come back anytime for more informational articles like this, and for anything related to home automation. Visit our website to shop smart home devices and subscribe to our newsletter for 20% off your first order! You can even put that 20% off toward your new Airbnb devices.

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