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What if we told you investing in smart home devices can boost your homes resale value up to 5%? If it doesn't seem like much that's $15,000 on a $300,000 home. In today's piece, we are going to walk you through how to smart home renovations.

Let's throw another statistic at you. With a recent survey showing that 28% of renovating homeowners prioritize smart tech, you’ll be in good company.

While the bulk of smart wireless devices are easy to install at any point, some stuff is easier to get up and running mid-renovation. After all, when the house is upside anyway with mess everywhere, what's one more set of trailing wires?

Rather than conjuring up some crazy ways to implement bleeding edge technology at great cost, we’ve taken the opposite approach today. We bring you five workable and cost-effective solutions so you can start 2020 the right way with an automated home.

5 Ideas To Renovate With Smart Technology

  1. Upgrade Your Entry System
  2. Install USB Outlets For Greater Convenience
  3. Automate Climate Control The Easy Way
  4. Consider Smart Switches Throughout The Home
  5. Build a Home Theater For Family Downtime

1) Upgrade Your Entry System

If you’re overhauling doors, why not take the opportunity to smarten things up?

You've got multiple options at your disposal here, and a great way to start is by introducing a video doorbell.

The August Doorbell Cam Pro will ensure you’re always connected to your smart home even when you’re on vacay.

HD video combined with crisp two-way audio lets you interact with visitors whether you’re at home or out and about. With the intuitive August app on your smartphone, you can check in any time and enjoy live video feed from outside your home.

Opt for a subscription, and you'll have access to 30 days of recorded footage, ideal as evidence in the event of any security breach.

The camera also integrates neatly with the August Smart Lock Pro.

When it comes to smart locks, we’ve got another favorite, though. The Ultraloq UL3 gives you key-less convenience and unbeatable flexibility.

If you've got kids and elderly relatives at home, not all smart tech makes the best fit. With Ultraloq, you'll be able to open your door in multiple ways, including:

  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Code on touchscreen
  • Open with smartphone
  • Use backup key

With all bases covered, you’ve got maximum security, no need to worry about keys, and the appropriate form of entry for the whole family.

Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy, Ultraloq keeps on going even if the power goes down.

Before we head inside your smart home, there’s one more thing you could do at the entryway…

Security specialist Ring offers an Alarm Security Kit with Echo Dot bundled. As a bonus, installation is wire-free, and you won't need to call in a contractor. If you're tired of renovating, this is your chance to take a break and ramp up security at the same time.


With your entryway now spruced up and your home looking more secure, it’s time to get busy inside.

2) Install USB Outlets For Greater Convenience

When you’re remodeling, it’s time to consider making your electrics a bit tech-friendlier.

If you’re tired of charging bricks all over the place, devices eating up your outlets, and cables trailing everywhere, what can you do?

Well, we’d strongly suggest adding this Topgreener Ultra-High-Speed Wall Outlet Charger into the mix.

This is the only outlet in its class that’s able to charge both USB-A and USB-C devices at full clip even if you’re using the ports simultaneously.

UL-listed and fully compliant with the National Electrical Code, keep all your phones, tablets, and laptops juiced up without interfering with your other appliances.

What next, then?

3) Automate Climate Control The Easy Way

ecobee4 is still one of the finest smart thermostats on the market. Since this nifty device is hardwired, why not take advantage of remodeling time to build one into your ecosystem?

Alexa comes baked in so you’ll enjoy hands-free convenience without needing an Echo device.

You get a room sensor thrown in to help eliminate the hot and cold spots traditional thermostats can leave. You’ll also be able to add up to 32 of these sensors (sold separately), ideal for sprawling connected homes.

This thermostat plays nicely with everything from Google Assistant and IFTTT to HomeKit, SmartThings, and much, much more.

To ice the cake, by automating and optimizing climate control, you could make noticeable savings on your electricity bill, too.

4) Consider Smart Switches Throughout The Home

Smart lighting is always a delicate area to approach.

Do you want the plug-and-play ease of smart bulbs?

If so, are you prepared for the cost of installing these throughout the whole home?

The alternative is to go all-in on smart switches. When you’re renovating, it’s the ideal occasion to consider any jobs calling for rewiring so you can keep disruption contained.

If you love the idea of smart switches, check out Insteon ecosystem. Highly dependable thanks to a dual-mesh network and easy to use even if you’re a complete smart home beginner, you should start with the Insteon Hub Central Controller, which will act as the foundation of your system.

From remote control dimmer switches and on/off switches through to inline dimmers and plug-in modules, this is just scratching the surface of the Insteon smart lighting solutions at your fingertips.

Shop Insteon right here.

5) Build a Home Theater For Family Downtime

With your remodeling coming to an end, don’t forget to set aside some time to relax.

If you've ever thought about building a dedicated home theater, why not do so while you're renovating? Invasive installations perform best when the house is already in turmoil.

Whether you want general smart home theater products or you’re determined to build in some serious speakers, what you buy here depends almost entirely on budget.

We’ll drop in a teaser before we close and let you know we’re currently working on a guide to the best 7 smart TVs. Come back next week and see which you think would be at home in your new smart home theater.

You can also check out our recent study of how to build a smart home theater.

Final Word

If you want to renovate with smart technology, keep this simple tip; make it personal. If you try copying what a friend has done you will likely end up with something you don't want or use. Instead, think about how you can make your life easier and safer thanks to technology. Personalize your decision and you can build out the smart home of your dreams with ease.

Bookmark our blog if you want to stay updated on the latest smart home news. If money is tight thanks to those renovations, we’ve got a small bonus for you. Sign up for our email newsletter and we’ll give you 20% off your first order here at Smarthome. We’ll see you when you’ve finished up working!

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