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With the festive season in full swing and Christmas now a matter of weeks away, the age-old dilemma of what to buy your partner, friends, and family rears its head once again. So what do you do? Stick with the tried and true perfume or aftershave? Go for something boring and predictable? Or end up gifting something unsuitable after running out of patience? If none of these options sound particularly appealing, you could always consider some smart home products but we can already hear you asking yourself if this is such a wise move. To which the answer is a resounding yes! Today we’ll give you a brief snapshot of 5 reasons smart home products are holiday favorites if you’re still wondering whether you can get away with a present like this.

1) A Gift That Has The Capacity to Save Money Is Always Well Received

With the uppermost efficiency, smart home devices are designed with convenience and savings in mind. These two characteristics are essential to the perfect gift. On one level, this can smart home devices and products means a series of loosely connected devices that work seamlessly together even if they use different communication protocols. On another level, this efficiency is often translated into significant savings each month when the utility bills drop. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like the thought of saving a few bucks? Maybe you know your brother-in-law is having a hard time financially but won't accept any direct help. Try buying him a smart thermostat like Nest Learning so next time the electricity bill hits the mat, he’ll get a pleasant surprise.

2) Let Me Entertain You… Smart Home Products Can Be Fun, Fun, Fun

We get it, for many of you, the thought of giving a gift that's more practical than intrinsically enjoyable can seem both dull and thoughtless. We don't share that opinion, but we fully understand it's a commonplace to feel that way. The thing is, if you reframe the way you think about smart home products, you’ll see that a wide spread of items for the connected home is anything but dull. Home theater products open up a wide spectrum of gifts for your nearest and dearest. You can get a top-of-the-line 4K projector screen for far less than you might imagine. There are plenty of hard-hitting and reasonably priced wireless subwoofers to really ramp up the bass and if these ideas fall outside your budget, why not consider treating someone to a pocket-friendly surround sound speaker system? That's just touching the tip of the iceberg with home theater, and there are also plenty of other areas where smart home products can give you the user a great deal of entertainment long after the last of the turkey has been wolfed down.

3) Make Someone’s Life Easier and They’ll Be Eternally Grateful

If we had to use a single word to embody the essence of a smart home, we’d need no pause for thought: it’s convenience. All gifts are gratefully received but there's nothing quite like giving a product that simplifies the hectic life of someone you care about. Fortunately, pretty much any smart home product worth its salt falls under that umbrella. Any of Amazon’s incredibly versatile Echo devices give any smart homeowner enormous scope to streamline many tedious processes by replacing manual action with simple voice commands. If you know someone who is always griping that they hate vacuuming but can’t afford a maid service, why not treat them to a robot vacuum? How about something for the garden? An electric smoker that can ping alerts to your smartphone when the food is ready to roll is a great way to simplify someone’s cookouts year round. Just make sure they invite you round for the BBQ!

4) Make Your Loved Ones Feel Safer So You Can All Sleep More Soundly

If convenience is one driving reason underpinning smart home technology, the other is undoubtedly security. Whether you opt for a smart lock or a motion sensor, a wireless video doorbell or even a complete home security system, there are countless options when it comes to keeping unwanted intruders at bay. Set aside any thoughts that this kind of practical gift is unacceptable at Christmas time. On the contrary, many people don't like the idea of spending their cash on this type of smart home product. Sometimes people need a small introduction to the product before they go on a frenzy of purchasing smart home products. Take action on their behalf and they’ll be extremely grateful as well as much safer in their own home.

5) An Apple Gift Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

While we have no allegiance at all to any given brand, we can’t help admitting we’ve got a soft spot for Apple. There’s a certain special feeling you get opening one of those subtle white boxes so why not give someone you love the joy of a white Christmas even if you’re not getting snow where you live? From the affordable Apple TV or an entry-level iPad Mini at the cheaper end right on through to the holy trinity of the superlight MacBook, all-new MacBook Air and workhorse MacBook Pro, spoil yourself for choice. That’s without even considering the full range of iPhones capable of becoming a universal remote for all those smart devices. The only limitation is your budget, and we can pretty much guarantee anything Apple will put a smile on the face of whoever is lucky enough to be on the receiving end.

Final Word

With each of these areas of smart home gifts today, we've only scratched the surface, but we very much hope you've got some inspiration for out-of-the-ordinary gifts. What are you waiting for? Start assembling that list and come back soon for more great festive ideas!

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