Simplify Your Life with Smart Home Technology
Coming home to a dark house. Worrying about delivered packages while you're at work. Forgetting to water and ending up with a crisp, brown lawn. We deal with hundreds of inefficiencies every day, but life really doesn't have to be this complicated! Here are a few easy ways you can simplify things around your house.
Turn lights on with motion Smarthome blog The Insteon Motion Sensor II is perfect for any area in your home. When used with the Insteon Hub, the Insteon Motion Sensor II can activate your Insteon-controlled lights or send you an alert when there is unexpected motion while away from home. Get Your Insteon Motion Sensor II >> Use Alexa as an intercom Smarthome Blog That's right - your Amazon Alexa device can be set up for multi-room intercoms. You can even 'Drop In' on different rooms in your house. If you don't have an Alexa device nearby or are away from home, you can use the Alexa app to call into another room. Here's how to set up your Amazon Alexa device's as intercoms. Step 1: Rename your Alexa devices You can keep the default name, but renaming them based off the room they are in makes it much easier to use as intercoms. For example, if you have an Alexa in the living room, rename it "Living Room." Step 2: Enable Drop In for your household You will have to give Drop In permission for yourself and others listed as members of your household to Drop In on you. You will have to enable it in under your profile and make sure you haven't disabled Drop In on your individual devices. Step 3: Initiate a Drop In Now let's test it out. All you have to say is "Alexa, Drop In on the living room" or whatever you have named your select Amazon Alexa. Then whoever is in that room will hear three chimes before the call is connected. To use the intercom feature from the Alexa app, tap the blue Drop In banner at the top of the Conversation screen, and then select which room you want. Shop Amazon Alexa Devices >> Ring Doorbell Package Notifications Smarthpme Blog More and more shopping is done online and we can't wait to get our delivery. With the Ring Video Doorbell, you can delivery notifications when the delivery man rings your doorbell or they are detected by motion. With the free Ring app, you can see and hear your delivery straight from your phone, tablet or PC. With Ring, you’ll know right when your packages are delivered, and you can watch over your home and prevent package theft straight from your phone. Have you had a package stolen recently? Check out Ring's 5 steps to recover your stolen delivery. Shop Ring >> Smart Sprinklers Smarthome Blog Let the four zone Melnor Aqua Timer do your watering. Program up to four zones to water automatically and still have manual usage with just a twist of a knob. You can program 4 independent zones for easy watering control. You no longer have to worry about over-watering or even forgetting to water your lawn - simply set it and forget it. Shop Melnor >> forget your keys with August lock Smarthome Blog The August lock makes it easy to lock or unlock your door through your phone. It uses Bluetooth to automatically unlock your door when you approach with your smartphone, and it’ll even lock the door behind you when you leave. Have a dog walker or house cleaner? August makes it easy to control who has access to your home and when through their app. Are you an Airbnb host? Learn more about the Airbnb Host Assist program. Shop August >>

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