Home Automation Can Trick Them All

Are you obsessed with Halloween like we are? Nothing screams HALLOWEEN like zombies, graveyards, ghosts, and goblins. You can make them come to life with fog, outdoor lighting, and sensors. This year go all out with products that are sure to last you for many more Halloweens. Smart home Halloween products will provide the tricks and treats you're looking for this Halloween.

We understand that scares might not be for you, so no tricks...all treats. We have ideas that fit everyone’s taste. Keep it simple and sweet... or go for all the “BOOS!,” we got you covered! Here are some of the greatest ideas to mix your favorite home automation products with some creative Halloween ideas.

Smart Home Halloween Ideas


Find your scariest creature or most precious pumpkin. This works best if you have a large window near where your guest will be approaching.


  1. Smart electrical outlet/appliance module
  2. A bright light
  3. Halloween silhouette or poster


  1. Place the silhouette in the window.
  2. Set up the light so it is pointing directly at the window. We recommend Philips Hue Light for maximum brightness and maximum EFFECTS.
  3. Plug the light into your smart electrical outlet. You can find this in products like SmartThings Hub.
  4. Add fog machine or music for added effect.


  1. Motion Sensor - a motion sensor will be sure to add some shock value. The motion sensor is used to trigger the light to turn on.
  2. Speakers - Add a small music player with speakers for the extra FRIGHT, what’s Halloween without a couple good screams.


If you are feeling suspenseful and ready to put the fear of Halloween into your trick or treaters, we have the ultimate house automation for you. When a trick or treater approaches your front door to get candy, all the lights shut off and a scary sounds play. We can’t guarantee they won’t run away screaming, but we can guarantee you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood


  1. Motion Sensor
  2. Light Module
  3. Smart Electrical Outlet/Appliance Module


  1. Place motion sensor outside your front door. It is important to play with its placement with trials to make sure you have it in the optimal place for the most effect.
  2. Make sure you have a spooky sound ready to play as soon as it’s turned on
  3. If you don’t already have your front door light wired for home automation, wire the light module.
  4. CREATE YOUR TRIGGER, the lights turn off, and the spooky sound on! We’re getting scared just thinking about it!


  1. Strobe lights - If complete darkness is too much you can always add this feature for some light.


Fog is the perfect addition to your front yard decor. Whether you are highlighting a tombstone or a pumpkin patch, it’s there to add something you didn’t even know you’ve been missing this whole time. Follow these simple steps to complete your Halloween festivities.

  1. Add Philips Hue BR30 bulbs to your current overhead lighting in your hallway
  2. Create dissension by (a) using the Philips Hue app and set your lights to a quieted, fluorescent green, and (b) include a glimmer impact using the strobe function on the Hue Disco app
  3. Position a "fallen" lamp on the other end of the hallway, lit with a Philips Hue A19 bulb, to cast an eerie light over the floor and on the wall
  4. Finally, put a Philips Hue Go behind a slightly cracked closet or other bedroom door
  5. Take it to the next level by adding fog from a smoke machine or use some dry ice.

The FEAR and FUN of Halloween is here and we're here to make sure you’re able to bring it all to life! Check out smarthome.com for all your lighting and smart home needs. Check out Smart Home Halloween Ideas for more spooktacular ideas!


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