how you can enhance the gaming experience with home automation

Benefits of a Smart Home or Apartment

Why can’t you have control over your house while playing video games? It can be annoying having to get up during the middle of an intense game to answer the door, turn on the lights, or adjust the temperature. Home automation solutions will allow video gamers to focus on what they love to do while enjoying the comfort of the chair. With the emerging trends and fads of video games like Fortnite, Rainbow Six 3, and Call of Duty immerse gamers even more into video games. From the intense graphics to connecting with fellow teammates online, the gaming experience decreases as distractions increase. The most distractions you face as a gamer is controlling the home while being in the final 4 in a round of Fortnite. You’re 3 kills away from doing the victory dance, what would you do? Home automation might seem like an unforeseen boost in the gaming experience, but this article will differ your opinion discussing distractions gamers face and how you can enhance the gaming experience.

The Darn Doorbell

Instantly see who is at the front door with video doorbell camera. No need to get up, receive an instant notification to your phone or email and see who is at your door. If you want to speak with them, do that too. Maybe it’s a random stranger you don’t really care about or a parent who forgot their keys. If it’s a parent you better run down the stairs before they start yelling.

Black Sleek looking nest doorbell for gamers Nest Hello

Never miss a package and receive alerts with this video doorbell camera. With 24-7 streaming, you can check in anywhere and anytime, and it’s simple to install.
  • See and talk to your visitors from anywhere with a connection
  • Receive a crisp, yet bright image during the day and night
  • Detects motion by the door even if they don’t ring the door
  • Check-in and view a 3-hour history to see if you missed anything
  • Works with Google assistant but sold separately
Specializing in the video doorbell, Ring products really start with the innovative home automation period. On the more expensive side, price doesn’t make too much of a difference for the high-quality features.

Ring Doorbell Camera

Ring doorbell coming in 4 different colors to look great for your home.
  • Adjust the parameters of your motion sensors
  • Get a 1080p HD video for clear video day or night
  • Built-in camera and speakers releasing high-quality audio
  • Devices now work with Alexa
  • Affordable storage plans to hold the memory of recordings
Get videos every time there are motions at the door, and speak to Alexa to lock the door. The integrative doorbell cam produces full-color HD at night. The built-in flood also delivers high-quality footage at night.

August Doorbell Camera

black and silver august door lock
  • Adjust the parameters of your motion sensors
  • Get a 1080p HD video for clear video day or night
  • Built-in camera and speakers releasing high-quality audio
  • Receive real-time alerts on our smartphone when motion is detected
  • Speak to visitors through your iPhone
  • The Hindsight feature captures motion before people arrive
  • Available in multi-color
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Your Favorite Relative Stops By...

You have now seen the person who is at the door. Do you answer it? The smart door lock can unlock the door at a few clicks of a button. If you know Auntie June is stopping by set a schedule to leave the door unlocked for a 3-hour increment, giver her a code to unlock the door, or give Alexa or Google Home a command.

Nest x Yale Lock

With it’s sleek, modern design the Next x Yale Smart Door Lock is a secure tamper-proof, free of keys, deadbolt lock. With the Nest Connect, receive instant notifications from your phone. If friends come by for a few hours, give them a code. Do they come in too often? Set an expiration date on their specific code.
  • Unlock your door with the touch of a passcode, but must be synced with the Nest Connect
  • Secure, tamper-proof, keyless deadbolt enables you to enter with unique passcodes
  • Use the auto-lock feature or lock from your phone
  • Get alerts when someone, unlocks, locks, or enters your home
  • Notifications when the battery is low

August Smart Lock

Use keyless entry to lock and unlock your door. Give your friends, family, or acquaintances access for weeks, hours, or even minutes. August is a smart door lock that easily attaches to the deadbolt lock.
  • DoorSense technology tells you whether the door is locked or unlocked
  • Give friends access to your home not the keys to the castle
  • Be sure the door is locked through the app
  • Door locks when you leave & unlocks when you arrive
Aside from the cool features of controlling the security of your home and the ease of being able to unlock the front door from your chair, there are still more cool features to home automation. Always is there the awkward, dusk time of the day where putting on a light is too bright, but you know it’s coming. How about creating the immersing yourself inside the video game with lighting to increase focus. Enhancing your environment to dramatically brighten or dim a room for a more comfortable atmosphere for razor shop focus.

The temperature in Your Home

While gaming through the evening or even through the day, distractions suck. Especially when it’s too hot or too cold in your room. The worst is when you have to constantly get up to turn on and off the air conditioner or heater. Maintaining the gaming mindset is especially important through double points weekends. Sit down and control your heating and cooling through algorithms or by pulling out your smartphone. The Nest Thermostat is a smart and wifi thermostat using learning algorithms to determine your ideal temperature. Why get up and mess with the temperature? Let your smart thermostat build a schedule around you. Saving over 8 billion in kWh of energy, the Nest reports on your energy history using monthly, weekly, and even daily data for your comfort. Learn more about wifi thermostats

If This Then That

Creates style automation recipes for your home to provide creativity and simplify your life. Your headphones are in and you’re waiting for the pizza delivery person. Usually, with the noise of the video game, you won’t hear the noise of someone there. You can set up the Hue bulbs to blink when motion is detected at the front door. At the push of a few buttons, choose the bulb cycle, create a scene, and enjoy. The best pair for IFTTT is Phillips Hue light bulbs and LIFX bulbs. Aside from using the IFFT app, you can manage the lights in the companion app where you can group and schedule lights. If you like a certain setting while you’re in game mode, command your home assistant. More importantly, the LIFC lights are the perfect pair with Twitch. Twitch is a streaming service allowing gamers to connect and stream. Picture it as a social media platform that releases updates on video games and more. You can set up the Lifx Smart Light Bulbs to blink when you get a Twitch follower. Another piece of home automation video gamers to stay in their thriving mode while staying connected.

About the LIFX Wifi Smart Bulb

Smart light bulbs are wifi enabled led lights with 16 million colors from night vision, black lights, to nice white lighting. Connect LIFX with Alexa or Google Home and your light bulb will be voice automated. Group different controls for different things that can happen. Look into IFFT to see what other cool things you can do. Gamers can use Smart Home products to make their lives easy and to do what they do best. Never miss a pizza delivery having your Turtle Beach’s cranked up the highest volume, don’t get up for your favorite Aunt, unlock the door with your phone or voice. Finally, let the air conditioning and temperature adjust to your needs while saving money. Smart home is your trusted home automation advisor providing

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