Voice Control Halloween Party
Voice Control at your Halloween Party! “Alexa, how do I get into the Halloween spirit?” Alexa may not be the best one to ask this question, but she can help you with the solution. If you change your questions to commands such as “Alexa, Open Halloween Sounds.” “Alexa, ask Halloween sounds to play Haunted House.” “Alexa, ask Halloween sounds to play random.” Alexa will play the creepy crawling sounds that bring out the horror and Halloween in all of us. This article shares a lot of information on how you can make this Halloween scary-smart! With a variety of commands, skills, and ad-ons this will be the scariest, spookiest, and easiest year yet! Alexa isn’t the only one in the holiday spirit, you can also use your Google Home, among other voice control products that just tend to make life a little simpler. Google Home not only provides haunting sounds, it provides the nearest pumpkin patch locations, best Halloween recipes, and much much more. “Ok Google, play Halloween music!” What more can these smart home products do? Halloween Themed Games (ALEXA)
  • The Magic Door- an adventure game guaranteed to take you somewhere you’ve never been before, “The Dark Forest Path” in search of the Wise Wizard
  • Ghost Detector- If it sounds like you’ll be a detector trying to find ghosts… then you’re RIGHT! You are also able to purchase, “improvements, gadgets, and missions.”
  • Haunted Adventure- Another playful game that gets you in the spirit.
  • Halloween Feel the Pressure- The classic Feel the Pressure game with a Halloween twist.
Tell Scary Stories If you haven’t already downloaded the Boo Bot Skill, then you are missing out. Once you’ve enabled the skill, then you’re probably trying to tell your own scary story that always ends up NOT being scary… “Alexa, ask Boo Bot for a scary story.” Turn down the lights…turn up the fright! Ok, Google… YOUR TURN! We’ve put together a list of our favorite auto voice commands for Google. “Ok Google, what should I be for Halloween.” The voice prompt is followed by a series of five questions. We know how hard picking out a costume can be, but Google makes it easy! Take the stress out and the fun in, let Google pick this year. “Ok, Google, let’s get spooky!” A classic Halloween phrase that brings an hour’s worth of spooky music. Also flickering smart lights if you have them. If you don’t check out these smart lights. (Insert link to smart home lights) So is auto voice control systems invited to your Halloween party?... Because they are number one on our guest list!

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