When Running The A/C Gets To Expensive; Do this!

If you're cheap like father-in-law and hate running the air conditioning unit on a hot summer day, a smart ceiling fan could be for you!

The answer should be yes. Even if it's not, we are going to give you an exciting way to create a smart ceiling fan.

Cut costs around the clock with a ceiling fan. Where an AC unit costs upwards of 30 cents an hour, a fan runs at just 30 watts. A ceiling fan cuts costs as little as 1 cent an hour. Running a fan and AC at the same time can help you to stay cool while spending less.

What Is a Smart Ceiling Fan?

All you'd expect from a smart fan is the ability to take remote control. Connect anywhere in the world.

Instead of physically controlling your fan, alternatively, you can use your smartphone and take charge of things in-app.

Throw in a smart speaker or a smart display, and you'll also benefit from hands-free control with your favorite digital assistant.

Ceiling fans still don't come with too many IoT-enabled options, and those are pricey.

What else can you do if you can’t quite stretch to a costly smart fan?

Well, one workaround is to use a third-party controller or a fixture module, which gives you remote control. You'll also need a home hub to make this possible.

Another possibility is to use an in-wall controller.

We’ll look at all of these options for you today so you can smarten up your ceiling fan without taking out a bank loan.

6 Ways To Smarten Up Your Ceiling Fan

Today we are going to walk you through essential alternatives to keep your home cool through hot months.

1) Hunter WiFi Ceiling Fan

Hunter was responsible for inventing the ceiling fan in 1886, and they've dominated the business ever since.

This simple but highly effective 54-inch fan is suitable for indoor use only and works well for cooling larger spaces.

The fan looks just like a regular dumb model, and it comes packing a WhisperWind motor. The WhisperWind Motor keeps noise to an absolute minimum despite impressively powerful air movement. Smart functionality embeds in so you won't have to mess around when installing the fan. Wiring and set-up are straightforward.

You'll get a physical remote control bundled, which acts as an excellent backup. We're pretty sure you'll end up using the Simpleconnect app, though. If you have an Echo device, you’ll also be able to turn your fan on and off using nothing but voice commands.

Beyond Alexa, you’ll also get support for both Google Assistant and HomeKit so you can use your digital butler of choice for hands-free convenience.

While the Hunter Symphony is no especially cheap, it's one of the most durable indoor smart fans on the market and built to stay the distance.

2) Haiku L Series Smart Fan

Priced comparably to the Hunter Symphony, Haiku’s classic L Series smart fan is well worth your investigation.

Just like with the Hunter, you'll enjoy a remote control, but you also benefit from in-app control on your smartphone. Throw in a smart speaker or smart display, and you can also call on Alexa.

This fan comes with a customizable LED light onboard complete with 16 brightness settings.

There’s a dedicated sleep mode if you’ve got this fan in a bedroom. You can also opt for whoosh mode — whoosh, which is supposed to replicate the feel of a natural breeze.

The L Series plays nicely with Google Nest and Ecobee thermostats so you can integrate your climate control nicely.

The 52-inch fan comes in a range of attractive finishes to suit and is built to last. Road test one and see what you think.

3) Modern Forms Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Coming it at roughly half the price of the Hunter and Haiku fans, this Modern Forms ceiling fan is an excellent alternative.

You’ll be able to take charge of the fan in-app. Adaptive learning and energy-saving features are both welcome. You can schedule the fan with ease in-app and group fans if you’ve got more than one in the house.

Interoperability is superb. You’ll be able to use either Google Assistant or Alexa with the requisite smart speaker in place. The fan also makes a great fit with ecobee and Google Nest.

An integrated LED light is available in 3 warmth variants from 2700 kelvin through to 3500 kelvin. You'll enjoy 1600 lumens of brightness, which gives you the same output as three 60-watt bulbs while using a fraction of the electricity. The lights are suitable for 50,000 hours of use.

Wet listed for outdoor use, this unit can cope with hostile conditions without letting you down.

Beyond the smart control at your disposal, you can also take charge of your fan using an RF wall control that comes bundled. If you've got elderly relatives, kids, or anyone else uncomfortable with tech, it's a reliable option.

For a powerful and highly efficient smart fan at a keen price-point, Modern Forms delivers in excellent style.

4) Bond Fan Controller

If you fancy upgrading your existing fan rather than going for a complete smart replacement, Bond serves up a hard-hitting controller.

You’ll be able to use an Android handset or iPhone, iPad or tablet for control purposes. Both Alexa and Google Assistant are supported, too.

Installation couldn't be much more comfortable. All you need to do is plug in your new device, download the app, then point the remote at the device and you're all synced.

As well as ceiling fans, Bond software works with fireplaces. Updates are forthcoming to allow you to control garage doors, AC units, and motorized shades.

All you'll require to get going is a ceiling fan that comes with a remote control; then you can smarten it up without spending a fortune.

5) GE Enbrighten In-Wall Smart Fan Control

If you want a pocket-friendly solution to smartening up your ceiling fan, GE’s Z-Wave-compatible control is worth checking out.

You’ll need a Wink hub or similar Z-Wave gateway to enjoy robust remote control and voice control.

Create scenes and schedule in-app from your smartphone or bark out voice commands if you've got an Alexa device or Google Home smart speaker in place.

This control works well solo or as part of a multi-switch set-up.

You won’t be able to control lighting since this unit is designed expressly for wireless control of ceiling fans.

You will need to make provision for in-wall installation, and you'll need a neutral wire. The wall plate doesn't include so take this into account.

Certainly not a plug-and-play solution, be sure of what you’re getting yourself into if you opt for this GE in-wall control..

6) Insteon Ceiling Fan and Light Controller

If you buy into the mighty Insteon ecosystem, you'll already be aware of the many benefits of this dependable dual-mesh network.

When you’re looking to take control of a ceiling fan without rewiring a switch, this controller allows you to move your fan from low to high while also acting as a light fixture dimmer.

Assuming you have the Insteon Hub Central Controller in place, you’ll also be able to use voice control to manipulate your fan. To do this, you’ll also need a Google Home or an Echo smart speaker.

You should note that this controller will only work if your ceiling fan runs on an AC motor. Fans with remote control motors or DC motors are not compatible.

Final Word

Well, you should now be aware of several ways to get a smarter ceiling fan. Make your life easier while slashing electricity costs as well by easing back on the AC.

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