Google Nest Smart Home 

Welcome to the handy Google Nest smart home. Sleek and simple products from thermostats, cameras, doorbells, alarms systems, locks, and smoke detectors. Simplify your home with Google Nest. 

Voice Assistants

Google knows you'e got your hands full, so they have solutions to get you hands free at home. Smart speakers range from a small mini to a full 7" display. Use Google Assistant to command your lights, thermostat, appliances, music and more. Also shop curated kits that include a smart speaker and a set of smart switches. 

"Hey Google, set
an alarm for 6:30am." 

"OK Google,
dim the lights." 

"Hey Google, what's the
weather like today?"


Smart thermostats are the best solution to achieving the ultimate comfort at home. With NEST thermostats, you can with a peace of mind just set them and forget them. The thermostats learn and acquire information on your temperature preferences and habits. The best part is there is no need to get up, these thermostats are can be controlled wirelessly, be set on a schedule and controlled with your voice. 

BONUS: Smart thermostats can also significantly help lower your energy costs.


Smart cameras are integral to your home security. They let you be at multiple places at once. Keep an eye on your kids while you're at work, or watch over your furry babies too. Place them indoors or outdoors and get rid of any blind spots in your home.


It's your home, you always want to keep it safe. What better way to do so than with trusted technology. A good place to start is with an automated door lock. Nest has partnered with Yale to bring you a keyless door lock, making it easier to keep track of who is going in and out of your home. Take it a step further with the Nest Alarm kit, loaded with everything you need for full home protection. 


Google Wifi - Home Mesh Wi-Fi Router (1-Pack)
Google Wifi - Home Mesh Wi-Fi Router (1-Pack)
Google Wifi - Home Mesh Wi-Fi Router

Google Wifi - Home Mesh Wi-Fi Router


Enjoy Fast, Reliable Wi-fi in Every Room, on Every Device

  • Say goodbye to dead zones and spotty connections. Google Wifi points work together as a connected system, spreading a fast signal to every corner of your home.
  • Advanced Network Assist technology works in the background to always keep your network fast.
  • An easy to use app gives visibility into what devices are connected and offers features like family controls (pause Wi-Fi on kids’ devices), and the ability to prioritize a device.
  • A single Google Wifi point covers homes up to 1,500 square feet, while a three-pack can cover up to 4,500 square feet.
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