Reliable Z-Wave Communication

Designed to support a comprehensive smart home automation system, the HomeSeer HomeTroller-SEL Home Automation Controller is a software-based hub with a built-in web server that allows you to control your home through your computer or over the Internet. The unit gives you flexible control over lighting, door locks, thermostats, security, A/V equipment, garage doors, cameras, and other connected objects around your home.

The Controller supports devices from many Z-Wave manufacturers, including (but not limited to) Aeon Labs, RCS, GE, Leviton, Linear, Honeywell, Everspring, Evolve, Kwikset, Schlage, Baldwin, Yale, Cooper, Fibaro, and FortrezZ. The controller is also compatible with X10 and UPB lighting controls, Global Caché iTach devices, and more.

The SEL unit is equipped with "lite" HS3 software and the HSTouch Lite graphical user interface (GUI) for use with touchscreens, smart phones, tablets and other devices. To use this, simply download and install the appropriate HSTouch "client" for the device you wish to use. The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch clients are in the Apple iTunes store (search for "HSTouch"); the Android client is available in the Google Play Store. HSTouch-Lite works with HomeSeer’s standard, pre-designed templates only.

Important Information

HomeTroller-SEL is our fastest and most affordable "SE" series controller! The unit is designed to control light switches, thermostats, door locks, audio/video equipment, cameras, garage doors, water valves, energy monitors and much more. Click here to review the complete list of supported technologies. Home owners can access HomeTroller-SEL at home or via the cloud with just about any smartphone, tablet or table-top touchscreen. Our FREE standard cloud-based "myHomeSeer Remote" service provides easy remote access without storing your sensitive data in the cloud. With HomeSeer, your intelligence stays at home, ensuring better security and reliability.


  • CM15a required for use with X10
  • Smarthome 2413U PLM required for use with Insteon
  • SmartStick+ or Z-NET required for use with Z-Wave