Reliable Z-Wave Communication

The HomeSeer HomeTroller S6 PRO Home Automation Controller is a software-based home automation hub that allows you to control your home from your computer, or even over the Internet.

Unlike HomeSeer’s previous Linux-based SEL HomeTrollers, the S6 features a streamlined embedded version of Windows 7 Pro, making this model easier to use for the average homeowner. The S6 also offers twice as many USB ports as the SEL controller, as well as two serial ports. Finally, the S6 is housed in a rugged, all-metal case that can be wall-mounted or placed on a tabletop with the included accessories.

The HomeTroller gives you comprehensive, versatile control of lighting, appliances, security, HVAC, and infrared (IR) devices, such as home theater equipment. It supports devices from many Z-Wave manufacturers, including (but not limited to) Aeon Labs, RCS, GE, Leviton, Linear, Honeywell, Everspring, Evolve, Kwikset, Schlage, Baldwin, Yale, Cooper, Fibaro, and FortrezZ. The controller is also compatible with X10 and UPB lighting controls, Global Cache iTach devices, and more.

The S6-PRO unit is equipped with full HS3PRO software and the unlimited version of the HSTouch graphical user interface (GUI) for use with touchscreens, smart phones, tablets and other devices. This full HSTouch version includes a powerful designer that allows you to fully customize your GUI. You can use your own backgrounds, buttons and graphics to design the interface you want.

Important Information

Our HomeTroller Series 6 home automation controller combines the reliability and simplicity of a panel-type controller with the power and flexibility of a software-based controller! No other hardware controller offers voice recognition, complete telephone integration, text to speech processing, email functionality and full SSL protected remote access.

Web Based Management

Never get homesick. Wherever you have access to a computer you have access to your home.The system is managed using any web browser. This allows for easy configuration on or off site. Remote access to the unit offers the ability to remotely manage the unit without making a trip to the site.

Going on vacation easily add/change schedules, or troubleshoot issues from your hotel in Rio de Janeiro or your villa on the slopes of matterhorn.

Fully Customizable Mobile App

Never has a Home Autmation been so personalized. Even the app is all about you. HomeTroller S6 PRO includes our HS3Touch Designer software. Use the designer to create your own mobile app "projects", with YOUR backgrounds, YOUR buttons and YOUR graphics.

Energy Efficiency

Saving energy automating your lights is not worth it if your home automation controller is sucking up energy. HomeTroller is very energy efficient, consuming less than 15 watts of power under normal operation. Low power consumption allows you to take advantage of a real smart home. Automation also mean energy efficiency with HomeTroller S6.

Power Event System

HomeTroller S6 includes a powerful event system that supports unlimited triggers, condiitions and actions. Event creation is menu driven and actions may be easily reorganized with a simple drag and drop operation.


  • CM15a required for use with X10
  • Smarthome 2413U PLM required for use with Insteon
  • SmartStick+ or Z-NET required for use with Z-Wave