Chime plugs into any standard power outlet and works with your Ring Video Doorbell to let you know when you have a visitor even if your phone is in the other room.

Ring Chime connects to 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 Ghz WIFI just like Ring Video Doorbell and can be paired to any number of Ring Video Doorbells. You can also pair multiple Ring Chime units to one Ring Video Doorbell. Once connected to your Ring Video Doorbell, your Ring Chime will work anywhere it has a Wi-Fi connection, even in another location.

Plug and Play

Plug Chime in, connect it to your wi-fi network, and you're ready to go.

Do Not Disturb

Disable Chime for times when you want peace and quiet.

Customize Volume

Set a custom volume in the Ring app so Chime is never too loud or too quiet.