Why do you need Ring Smart Lighting Bridge?

Ring Bridge is a central hub that groups all Ring Smart Lighting products together and allows them to work smarter and better together. With the Bridge, if one Ring device detects motion, it can activate your Ring Smart Lights, doorbells and cameras to make sure you are protected on all ends.

The Benefits of the Smart Lighting Bridge

  • Connect to Ring App: Connect your Ring Bridge to the Ring App and get all your notifications in one place
  • Group Ring Smart Lights: Group all Ring Smart Lights together so they turn on when motion is detected. If one light detects something, they will all turn on.
  • Connect to Ring Camera: When motion is detected, not only will your lights turn on, but you’ll also be able to see what’s going on from your Ring Camera.
  • Compatible with Alexa: Connect Ring products and Ring Bridge with your Alexa-enabled device to adjust your Ring products with just the sound of your voice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the Ring Bridge box?

Ring Bridge, instruction manual, and a Ring Security sticker.

Do I have to have Wi-Fi for the Ring Bridge to work?

Yes, and it is recommended that it should be at least 1 MB upload and download speed.

Do I have to pair my Ring Bridge with my Ring devices?

Yes, the products do not come paired. You will set up your Smart Lights and the Ring Bridge in the Ring App when you install.

How close do Ring Smart Lights products have to be from the Bridge?

The range between products depend on the number of obstacles between them and the kind of material they’re made of. You will have to experiment with your devices to find the perfect positioning.