Why do you need Smart Lighting Motion Sensors?

Ring outdoor Motion Sensors will extend the range of your Ring lights, doorbells and cameras. Place these motion sensors around the outside of your home to make sure you are always protected by an extra layer of security.

The Benefits of the Smart Lighting Spotlight

  • Easy Installation: Keep your home protected without having to step foot outside. When motion is detected, you will get a notification to your phone and your entire Ring of Security will activate.
  • Motion Notifications: Alexa or your Ring app will notify you when motion is detected so you’ll always be aware of what’s going on outside your home.
  • Custom Settings: One set of batteries is expected to last up to a year under normal use.
  • Weather Resistant: Ring Motion Sensors can be placed anywhere outdoors and you never have to worry about them being damaged by weather conditions.
  • Extended Range: Extend Ring lights, doorbells, and cameras range of motion detection by 15 feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Motion Detector’s field of view?

Up to 120° field of view.

What type of batteries are needed?

3 AAA cell batteries sold separately.

How often will I have to change the batteries?

One set of batteries should last a year under normal use.

Is there a camera in the Ring Motion Sensor?

No, Ring Motion Sensor only detects motion.

Can I share control of the motion sensor with other people?

Yes. The owner has full control over all functions and can add a shared user with limited control or a guest user who does not have access controls.