Why do I need a Battery Floodlight?

This motion activated Floodlight will protect your home and alert you when someone or something triggers the sensor. If connected to Ring Bridge, the Floodlight can activate your entire Ring of Security.

The Benefits of the Smart Lighting Floodlight

  • Bright LEDs: This Floodlight has 600 lumens of brightness that shine on different areas of the home.
  • Motion Activated: Activate Ring Smart Lights and receive notifications when motion is picked up.
  • Battery Powered: One set of batteries is expected to last up to a year.
  • Weather Resistant: The Floodlight can be placed just about anywhere outdoors and you never have to worry about weather damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a camera on the Ring Battery Floodlight?

No, the Floodlight only provides lighting and motion detecting.

What kind of lights are used in the Ring Floodlight?

Ring Floodlight Battery uses high efficiency LED lights.

Is Ring Battery Floodlight compatible with Alexa?

Yes, the Ring Floodlight Battery is compatible with Alexa-enabled devices. You can turn lights on and off, adjust brightness, check alerts, and more with Alexa.

Does Ring Battery Floodlight work during the day?

Yes, you have control in the Ring app to change the settings so the Floodlight will activate during the day.

What comes with the Ring Battery Floodlight?

Each box includes the Ring Floodlight Battery, instruction manual, screwdriver, mounting hardware and Ring security sticker.