Why do you need Ring Wired Floodlights?

Wired Floodlights will fit your space perfectly and light up your home beautifully. The installed motion detection will help in protecting your home from intruders and will give you peace of mind by preventing you from coming home to a completely dark yard.

Why do you need a Bridge?

The Bridge allows you to link all of your Ring Smart Lights, Ring doorbells, Ring cameras and some Alexa-enabled devices to create different commands and combinations of settings. This helps increase the level of security in your home and creates interconnectivity.

The Benefits of the Ring Wired Floodlight Kit

  • Motion Activated - As soon as motion is detected, the lights will be triggered and you will receive an alert on your phone. This will let you know when there is activity outside your home and keep you aware of all happenings. It will also help in scaring off potential intruders.
  • Manage with Ring Bridge - Ring Floodlights can connect to Ring Bridge which allows you to connect and group them with other Ring products. Your Ring of Security will activate when motion is detected and you’ll be alerted and you will be able to use other Ring products to get a view of what is happening, to activate other lighting products and much more.
  • Compatible with Alexa - Select Alexa devices will allow you to use voice control with your Floodlights.
  • Motion Sensitivity Settings - Floodlights can be placed anywhere outdoors and you never have to worry about protecting them from weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the lights be mounted horizontally as opposed to vertically?

Yes. The lights and sensors can be adjusted for either type of installation.

Do the lights need to be plugged in?

No. The Floodlights must be wired to a junction box.

Do the Floodlights have cameras?

No, the Floodlights are only motion detection lights with no camera.

Do the Wired Ring Floodlights have power requirements?

The Wired Floodlights require power of 100-240VAC.