Keypad is a scene control keypad that allows you to control a local lighting or appliance load as well as multiple other Insteon controlled devices, all from a single location. If you're already using or plan to purchase an Insteon 6-button Keypad Dimmer, 8-button Keypad Dimmer, or a Keypad On/Off Switch, why not use personalized buttons that specifically identify what lights, appliances or scenes each button controls? Until now, these personalized buttons have only been available as a one-off hand-etched custom order - with an extended turnaround time and high price tag. To offer a faster, low cost alternative, we have compiled data on our most commonly requested custom etched buttons and put together this convenient 50-pack of pre-printed buttons that feature the most popular applications for Keypad. If you simply need some blank buttons with no printing at all, a 10-pack of blanks is also available. Give your Keypad the ultimate in personalization and you'll be able to tell at a glance which lights or rooms each button controls.

Please Note: The Popular 50-Button Set for Keypad uses the same font and text color of the "as-shipped" buttons with Keypads.