Add Remote Control to Window Shutters, Blinds, Projector Screens and More

Micro Open/Close Module is the first Insteon device designed specifically for up/down and open/close 110V motor-controlled appliances.

Discreet Installation

Micro Modules keeps your antique, toggle or decorative wall switches by installing behind your existing switch. Due to its hidden nature, we highly recommend Insteon app with Insteon Hub to manage Micro Open/Close.

Remote Control

Sometimes the couch is just too comfy and that window blinds switch is just too far away. Grab your smartphone and open and close your window blinds to your heart's content.


Automatically doll down window blinds at dusk. Wake up to a gentle pseudo-sunrise rolled up window blinds at 7AM. You can schedule individual window blinds or full groups of blinds for particular hours and days of the week.


With the Insteon Hub, scenes really take on a new level. Configure "Movie Mode" to turn off the lights while rolling down the projector screen and closing down any window shutters and blinds.

Perfect for:

Window, Shutters, Blinds, Projector Screens

By default, it comes programmed for latching, single momentary and dual momentary switches; easily configured for single and dual momentary switches with a simple reprogramming procedure during installation.