Whether you're planning a new Insteon installation or trying to locate communications problems in an existing one, the 8-function Insteon Diagnostic Keypad will eliminate time-consuming guesswork. Plug it into an outlet to locate sources of noise and traffic, then link to an Insteon responder to test its response time.

Functions of Insteon Diagnostic Keypad include:

  • On/Off Toggle Sends on/off broadcast without confirmation to unit under test
  • Beep Sends a beep message to unit under test. This allows you to test devices you don't wish to toggle on and off and/or from locations where you can hear the responder's beep but cannot see the unit under test.
  • Report* This test allows you to monitor the quality of control signals from the device under test and is commonly used to commission an installation.
  • Traffic This test allows you to monitor in-band noise and Insteon traffic on the powerline.
  • Distance Sends alternating fast-ons and fast-offs to unit under test and beeps upon positive message receipt.
  • Lock/Unlock* Prevents accidental changes being made to on-level, ramp rates, etc.
  • Relink* This is a convenient feature that quickly relinks a device under test when you have unlinked it and disabled its local setup. It is also handy to re-link to a device at a different level/state.
  • Unlink* Unlinks the unit under test

Note: Unit under test = last responder linked *This feature works only with Insteon devices shipped after March 2012.