Specifically designed to compliment the ecobee3 Lite & ecobee4 Thermostat, ecobee remote sensors read temperatures in rooms that matter most, delivering the right temperature in the right places. Ordinary thermostats only read the temperature in one location. The ecobee Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat can use multiple temperature readings from remote sensors (up to 32) to deliver comfort more reliably. Simply place a remote sensor at a height of approximately 5 feet in an open, high-traffic area like a living room, hallway or other room and upon install, the ecobee Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat will automatically detect the remote sensor.

Comfort where it matters

ecobee remote sensors read the temperature in the rooms that matter most and deliver the right temperature in the right places. The more sensors you add, the smarter your ecobee performs, making your home even more comfortable.

Savings where it counts

ecobee sensors know when someone is home and which rooms are occupied The more sensors you have in your home, the smarter your ecobee becomes, saving you more money and energy.

Why do I need wireless remote sensors?

Ordinary thermostats can only measure the temperature where the thermostat is located. This is a problem because thermostats are often located in a hallway or another infrequently occupied location. Your thermostat could be measuring the temperature from your hallway, and using that data point to make heating and cooling decisions for the rest of the house. ecobee addresses this problem by using wireless remote sensors to measure temperature in more than one location. In fact, the more remote sensors you add to your home, the smarter your ecobee will be.

What else can the wireless remote sensors do?

In addition to measuring temperature, the wireless remote sensors use motion-detection to determine whether anyone is at home and which rooms (if any) are currently occupied. ecobee can make smart heating and cooling decisions based on this occupancy information. There are two occupancy-related features that you can personalize using the wireless remote sensor settings.

Smart Home/Away - uses all the sensors in the network to determine if anyone is home or everyone is away. If, according to your schedule you are in a “home” period but your home is actually unoccupied, ecobee and the wireless remote sensors will recognize this and make adjustments so you’re not unnecessarily heating or cooling an empty home. Similarly, if you or a family member returns home during a scheduled “away” period, ecobee and wireless remote sensors will adjust to start heating or cooling your home to your desired temperature. This is handy when you’re home or away outside of your schedule and are either unable to remotely make changes using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, or forget to make the change. This feature uses all the sensors in the network and can be enabled or disabled. Smart Home/Away determines a setback of 1-4 degrees F, based on the performance of your HVAC system and outdoor weather, to save energy while you are away and ensures that you will be comfortable within a short while of returning to your home. Smart Away only applies after two hours of not detecting motion so that periods of inactivity are not mistaken for absence from home.

Follow Me - ecobee and wireless remote sensors will make heating and cooling decisions based on the temperature measured in the rooms that detect motion, when Follow Me is enabled. If you disable this feature, ecobee will average the temperature measured across all sensors you select and base heating and cooling decision on the average temperature measured, regardless of whether or not motion was detected in those rooms. For this feature, you can choose which sensors you want to use for measurements and when it is enabled or disabled.