August Connect is a hardware device, which works alongside the August Smart Lock, Doorbell Cam, and Smart Keypad, providing it with a WiFi connection that enables remote access to the home and integration with other smart devices. Connect plugs into a power outlet inside the home of an August Smart Lock user and connects to their home wireless network and the Internet. This connection allows a user to check the status of their lock remotely, operate it from the August mobile app for iOS or Android, and receive notifications around all lock activity.

Remote access for your home

August Connect gives you the freedom to control the above devices from anywhere you have an Internet connection using the August app. Enjoy a range of expanded August Smart Lock features and even connect with other popular smart home services.

Remote access for your home.

August Connect works seamlessly with August Smart Lock to offer you an easier, more intelligent way to control access to your home from anyplace.

Operate your August Smart Lock remotely.

Use August Connect and the August app to check the status of your August Smart Lock, as well as lock and unlock, even when you're not home.

Built-in Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)

Enables you to seamlessly connect your August Smart Lock to your home wireless network and Internet, to facilitate remote monitoring.

Downloadable August app

Compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices when used with an August Smart Lock.