An Evolution in Sprinkler Timers

The B-hyve combines the simplicity of Orbit sprinkler timers with the technology of your smart device- giving you the tools to save water and money. The Orbit B-hyve Wi-Fi sprinkler timer combines the easiest-to-program timers on the market with the remote capabilities of Wi-Fi. Users can control the timer with their Android or iOS app, from their computer or at the timer with the familiar, intuitive interface that millions of customers have come to know. A perfect timer for new installations or for replacement applications, the B-hyve Wi-Fi controller is available in 6 stations to cover most residential sprinkler systems. It also can be set up to adjust watering based on local weather to avoid water waste and deliver the right amount of water to your plants.

Wi-Fi and Timer Control

Manage your watering through your phone or tablet. If you ever find yourself at the timer without your phone, you can still control your watering. Now that’s smart.

WeatherSense Technology

Your B-hyve looks ahead at the weather forecast, shuts off watering during rain, then recalculates the watering schedule, allowing Mother Nature to lower your water bill.

Amazing Accuracy

Why settle for an estimate? B-hyve is the only smart sprinkler timer that integrates award-winning catch cup technology to give you truly professional scheduling results.

The Best App

No smart timer app incorporates a simpler interface with more state-of-the-art features. Traditional programs, full automatic smart watering, advanced audit settings, you name it: B-hyve has it.