Water leaks often occur in areas that are hard to see right away, behind appliances or in areas of your home that may not be used often. Undetected water leaks can end up causing thousands of dollars in damage. Protect your home from potential water damage by keeping a Smarthome SELECT Water Leak Detection Alarm anywhere flooding is a potential danger - near the refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, toilet, sink, or water heater. For added peace of mind, consider using one near aquariums, sump pumps, or in the basement and garage. When the unit detects water, it sounds a loud alarm so you'll know instantly when and where the excess water is. The small size and wireless, battery-powered design allow it to fit in tight spaces and anywhere water could possibly leak and collect in your home.

Place the Smarthome SELECT Water Leak Detection Alarm flat or upright, so it can fit easily and discreetly in almost all locations. When water is detected by the metal sensors, the 95db alarm will sound for up to 72 hours.

The alarm will also sound and the LED light will be activated when the battery gets low. Battery life when in constant alarm mode is three days. Under regular use the battery life is over one year, however annual battery checks are recommended.

Smarthome recommends placing at least one Water Leak Detection Alarm in every bathroom, in the kitchen, by your water heater and close to your washing machine.