Global Caché's GC-IRL IR Learner is a must-have tool for dealers, installers, and home automation enthusiasts. The compact IR Learner is used with a PC to learn the full spectrum, 30 KHz to 500 KHz, of IR codes that control infrared-driven equipment. By using the included GC-IRL Utility CD, the learned code is displayed, converted into other formats, and automatically copied into your Windows clipboard, which can then be pasted into any Windows application to facilitate quick database and/or spreadsheet creation and updating. The stored codes can be used to control and automate any device that accepts infrared control signals, from any networked computer, and over the Internet. The GC-IRL provides all the information required to correctly recreate IR signals for playback. The IR Learner power is supplied by the RTS line of the serial port and requires no external power supply.