Wave Plus Plug-In Dual Outlet Smart Dimmer

Transform any home into a smart home with the plug-in GE Z-Wave Plus Dual Outlet Smart Dimmer. The dimmer allows you to wirelessly schedule, control and adjust the brightness of any dimmable table or floor lamp in your home from anywhere, at any time. Featuring two wirelessly controlled outlets, the Z-Wave Plus Smart Dimmer provides ultimate flexibility for your home lighting and its full-range dimmability helps cut energy costs while extending the life of bulbs. Compared to current Z-Wave models, the GE Z-Wave Plus Dual Outlet Smart Dimmer offers 50% more wireless range and energy efficiency while upgrading your home with a 250% faster processor and 400% more memory. Offers full control from any mobile device*. Take control of your home lighting with GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Lighting Controls!