Leviton's Vizia RF + components are designed to communicate with each other via Radio Frequency (RF) to provide remote control of your lighting. Using RF technology allows Leviton to provide the greatest signal integrity possible. Each module in Leviton's Vizia RF + component line is a Z-Wave enabled device. In a Z-Wave network, each device is designed to act as a router. These routers will re-transmit the RF signal from one device to another until the intended device is reached. This ensures that the signal is received by its intended device by routing the signal around obstacles and radio dead spots.

The Vizia RF + 4-Button Scene Controller is ideal for remote control of up to four different scenes of Vizia RF + scene-capable devices well as ON/OFF function. The top four buttons on the controller provide ON/OFF switching of four scenes while one button provides ON/OFF function. The bottom button transmits DIM/BRIGHT commands to the most recently switched-ON scene. An optional IR Handheld Remote Controller (VRMR1-0SG) can be used to activate the Vizia RF + 4-Button Scene Controller's ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT commands.

  • Perfect for retrofits, replace an existing switch with controller for enhanced scene control
  • Provides remote ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT control of four customizable scenes using Leviton Vizia RF + and other manufacturers' compatible devices
  • Key cap with IR window included to expose internal IR receiver for this device
  • Separate IR Remote (VRMR1) available to control ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT for the four programmed scenes

This switch can handle the following loads:

  • Incandescent-1800W
  • Magnetic Low-Voltage-1800VA (1440W)
  • Electronic Low-Voltage-1800W
  • Fluorescent-1800VA
  • Supplemental-1/2 HP

Additional Features

  • Two-way status updates
  • Provides user-level control of 128 devices
  • Each button on a RF controller can be associated with up to 32 select Z-Wave compatible devices in a system area
  • Green locator LED illuminates when load is OFF
  • High gloss finish complements a wide range of decors
  • Superior versatility provides three changeable faceplates
  • Fits in a single-gang 18 cubic-inch wall box compatible with Decora Plus screwless and Decora standard wallplates
  • Utilizes existing 120VAC-240VAC 50/60Hz wiring (when neutral wire is present) for easy 'no-new-wires' installation