HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Scene Capable RGB Wall Dimmer

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HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Scene Capable RGB Wall Dimmer

HS-WD200+ is a Z-Wave Plus dimming wall switch for use with most dimmable lighting loads. The switch includes RBG LED indicators which may be controlled wirelessly to suit color preferences or to reflect the changing status of other devices in your home. HS-WD200+ is also designed to trigger automation events with a multi-tap operation (up to 5 taps). For best results, this dimmer should be used with our HomeTroller home controllers.

Once installed, HS-WD200+ works like any other paddle-style switch and will control on, off and dim functions for the attached lighting load. However, add it to any HomeSeer system and you'll unleash these advanced features!

RGB LED Indicators

In normal mode, LED indicators glow to reflect the on/off/dim status of each circuit using a palette of 7 possible colors. Normal mode colors can be set once and left or can be programmed to change every day or on holidays, birthdays and other special events. For example, you can program dimmers to glow green and red on holidays.

In status mode, individual LEDs can be controlled to reflect the status of nearly anything in the home. For example, if it's after midnight and the garage door was left open, the 3rd LED on all the bedroom dimmers can be programmed to glow yellow (or any color). If a smoke alarm goes off, all LEDS on all dimmers can blink red. If no status conditions are active, wall switches automatically return to normal mode.

Manufacturer HomeSeer
Manufacturer Product No. HS-WD200+
UPC 610585164785
Protocol Z-Wave Plus (908.42 MHz)
Requirements Z-Wave plug-in v3.0.1.190 or higher
Power 120 VAC, 60Hz
Incandescent 600 Watt
LED/CFL 150 Watt
Feature Supports Z-Wave Plus features
Supports Z-Wave S2 security
Approval cUL, FCC, Z-Wave Plus certified
  • 1x - HomeSeer Wall Dimmer
  • 1x - Basic User Guide
  • 1x - Wall Plate is NOT Included

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