Lutron Caseta Wireless Plug-In Dimmer with Pico Remote, White

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Wireless Plug-In Lamp Dimmer

The Caséta Wireless Plug-In Lamp Dimmer controls lamp loads, both directly and remotely when paired with Pico remote controls, providing a system that delivers convenience and ease of installation.

Pico Wireless Control

The Pico wireless control is a flexible and easy to use device that allows the user to control Lutron wireless load-control devices from anywhere in the space. This battery-operated control requires no external power or communication wiring.

Create just the right light using Alexa voice control, (Smart Bridge or Smart Bridge PRO is required)

You — or anyone in your family—can tell Alexa to turn lights on, off, or dim them to your favorite light level. Need to be quiet? Use your Lutron Pico remote for those moments when silence is golden.

With a smartphone or tablet

When used with the Lutron Smart Bridge or Smart Bridge PRO, the Caséta Wireless Plug-In Lamp Dimmer may be programmed via the Lutron app, incorporated into lighting scenes, scheduled for daily events, and controlled from anywhere in the world.

Manufacturer Lutron
Manufacturer Caséta
Manufacturer Product No. P-PKG1P-WH
UPC 784276072083
Plug-In Dimmer
Bulb LED & CFL / Incandescent & Halogen
Max. Watt (LED & CFL) 100 W
Max. Watt (Incandescent & Halogen) 300 W
Environment Indoor use only
Operating Temperature 32 °F(0 °C) and 104 °F (40 °C)
Device Ratings 120 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Pico Remote
Power Operating Voltage 3 V
System Communication and Capacity Communicates using Radio Frequency (RF) at 431 MHz to 437 MHz
Thousands of system addresses prevent interference between systems.
Can be assigned to control blinds, curtains or lighting devices that ar e within a 30 ft (9 m) range.
Can be configured as a scene or zone control in GRAFIK Eye QS wireless applications.
Mounting Considerations Mounting of any RF devices on or in close proximity to a metal surface will drastically reduce the effective range of radio signal transmission or reception. For mounting on metal surfaces, please contact Lutron.
All RF devices must be mounted on non-conductive materials to ensure proper performance.
If you wish to mount your Pico wireless control to a metal surface, the PICO-MOUNT-1-XX-CPN5733 will be r equired in order to maintain proper RF performance. For availability, please contact your local Lutron sales office.
Environment Ambient operating temperature: 32 ̊F to 140 ̊F (0 ̊C to 60 ̊C)
Maximum 90% non-condensing relative humidity
Indoor use only
Regulatory Approvals Lutron Quality Systems registered to ISO 9001:2008.
FCC Certified (U.S.A.)
IC Certified (Canada)
COFETEL Certified (Mexico)
SUTEL Certified (Costa Rica)
Anatel Certified (Brazil)
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